Bad hangover!

Discussion in 'The ARRSE Hole' started by meiktilaman, Feb 7, 2007.

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  1. Hangover cure guaranteed....

    1X 10 oz glass of tomato juice. Take mouthful. Add a raw egg, tabasco, worcester sauce. Drain glass.

    Take piece of bacon rind, tie to string. Swallow. Pull out. Result, hangover is ended, you have real problems instead!
  2. what a cnut...he promised he'd never let anyone see it!!! Barsteward
  3. An early morning run/BFT/CFT or bar mine layer race always worked for us in Traz... :puker:
  4. Thats based on a true story that...... me
  5. Not surprised if you get your make up done in Debenhams!
  6. I go surfing a couple of times a year in Woolacombe, down south. Of course each night is spent in Captain Jacks drinking my arrse off, playing pool and listening to the Rolling Stones juke box collection.

    Waking up in the morning feeling utterly wank, there's nothing better than a run along the beach in the fresh air, about 3 miles, and coming back to the apartment for a nice big cooked breakfast. Best cure ever.
  7. Pah...Captain Jacks!!!! Red Barn all the way!!
  8. Red Barn does good breakfasts for hangovers, true, but Captain Jacks is the best old pub i've ever been to. You can admire both in their own separate ways.

    [Edit] Anyway, Red Barn is a bar, not a pub.
  9. ok i'll give you that one!! And on reflection,the Jack does have a certain atmosphere!!