Bad fitting boots and no skin on heals!

Discussion in 'The Training Wing' started by johnnyboy, Jan 16, 2005.

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  1. other than zinc oxside tape and 1000 mile socks is there any way to sort this out, my heals are in bits, i'm a 1/2 size so my boots are a bit too big, if i go down a size they are too small,

    I already wear 2 pairs of socks, tape feet etc, but i still get up/down movement at the heal where it hits the back of the boot right where the acillies starts and rips all the skin off every time i tab, my boots are broken in, am i just fucked cause the army doesnt do boots in half sizes?

    and before you suggest it, i'm in training so i must wear the issue boots, so gucci ones are not an option, any help would be great, today is the first day in a week i have been able to even put trainers on my feet!
  2. There's stuff you can get from Boots or other chemists called COMPEED which may help you, depending on the size of your blisters. It's easy to apply, and does give some relief from the stinging. Once the stuff is on leave it on until it loosens, or you can soak your feet in warm water an loosen it that way. I rarely get blisters, but I have used this in the past and usually it helps. A word of caution though - when in warm temperatures, or if you're doing a lot of phys and your feet are sweating a lot, the adhesive can sometimes attach itself to the inside of your socks, which can be a pain in the arrse.
  3. I see this on a daily basis and a lot of it falls down to badly fitting boots. Take the time to get your feet, yes both of them meausured at an outdoor shop that has staff and kit for this purpose. Also the time of the day is relevant your feet will swell slightly as the day goes on, armed with the correct size then visit the QM's "Off peak" so you can try several pairs on.
    If you arent happy with the fit of the boots ie not wide enough, then see your Quack and you may be able to get special boots made or money to buy your own in certain circumstances. You may also get a medical discharge!!

    Wear one thicker pair of socks and one thinner pair dont scrimp with material or quality of sock, I have phase 2 soldiers complaining of foot problems due to wearing things like rugby/football socks of nylon!! and no innersoles.

    Cut your toe nails squarley and on a regular basis.

    iner soles are essential and although knocked the issue cheese graters are a good choice if your feet are going to get wet and stay wet, they allow a little bit of air circulation.

    Sorbothane insole's are good but sweaty and if you buy the cheaper flexible type that they first issued then they tend to roll up in your boots especially if they get wet. The stiffer variety issued to some units through the med centre although it is somtimes easier to get morphine or an openended sick chit from our medic pals !!

    Innersoles boots and socks should be experimented with although loads of lazy blokes just suffer time and again, Its also worth experimenting with the the way you lace your boots up!

    Those compeed pads are good but need to be applied to dry feet, otherwise they roll off. This is all good and well if you apply before you start doing anything that involves remotley getting blisters, but a waste of time if feet are wet or sweaty.

    If you know you suffer from blisters tape the area with zinc tape NEATLY before you deploy, and keep on for the duration. One tip here is to do it the night before as if you leave it till the morning you rush and or forget to do it!

    If the problem area is your heels one method that I have had some good results with is to use a horseshoe shaped piece of roll matt, insert under the heel of the innersole and this lifts the heel and prevents the area from being rubbed again.

    Theres loads of tales of how to harden your feet up but prevention is better than cure when it comes to blisters.

    Try to dry the blister out if it is open by allowing air to circulate and using antibiotic powder or betadine spray. Wear sandals/flip flops and raise your feet on a pillow when sleeping.

    If the blister still has fluid in it then drain it using a sterilised needle and draw cotton thread through it to remove the fluid. dont be temted to cut any dead skin away. If you have to soldier on then tape up your feet but dont leave them taped to long as they will go snotty/rotten!

    Many a good soldier has been disabled by blisters!
  4. At first I thought I was on Mil Kit Review and you were talking about our lovely combat terror boots from Australia but I was mistaken .

    Now seriously, Browny's First Aid for Blisters class will commence.

    Equipment required: ( ask your Medics for equivilent if the item is not available in UK - I'm an Aussie medic)

    Friar's Balsam - Swabs or liquid
    Second Skin / Tegaderm/Opsite type dressings
    Adhesive foam (closed cellular type)- Leukofoam
    Waterproof strapping tape- athletic tape

    Deroof the blister

    Clean the area of the blister with an antisceptic product and dry well.

    Paint round the edges of the blister with the Friars Balsam

    Apply a piece of Second Skin carefully , ensure there are no creases in it to the area.

    Create a donut from the Leukofoam , the inside hole to be the approxiamate size of the blister and place it on the Second Skin.

    Tape the entire lot down with the waterproof strapping tape .

    Good luck and don't let the barstards get you down
  5. What happened to a bit of metho? I've only ever had the opportunity to try it on small blisters on my hands but it seemed to work quite nicely.

    What's everyone elses experience?
  6. What ever happened to Tic Benz (not sure if spelt correctly) use to be able to draw of the fluid from the blister and then inject this stuff in to the blister hurt like FCUK (knew it to bring tears to the eyes of some big blokes) but a few seconds later was ok and the blister hardened, or if the skin had already ripped from the blister, the area could be swabbed with the same liquid.
    But as with most things you can't beat good preparation.
  7. metho does the same thing
  8. Thanks Mate, couldn't work out what you lot called Frairs Balsam.
    Tinc Benz.

    With heels the way you discribe them , Metho(Methylated Spirits) is no bloody good , the damage has already been done.
  9. Try for made to measure boots. I have 2 pairs (one motorcycle and one walking) from them and they are the best footwear I have ever owned. Not too expensive either.
  10. there is one thing you can do and that is get a roll of grip tape, the one they put on the handles of tennis raquettes, put this on the inside of the heel of the boot and this cuts doown on the up down friction plus since you are a half size it will make a snugger fit and still allow for the natural swelling of your feet.

    the only prob is that you will have to change the tape more often :wink:
  11. maninblack

    maninblack LE Book Reviewer

    You are getting the blisters because your foot is moving up and down inside the boot due to excess free space.

    If the roll mat idea proves too much try and get some closed cell foam, the thinner stuff that is used as packing material. Place two or three layers under the insole to lift the insole a couple of millimetres. Remember that you need to worry about the space when under load (when you are wearing the boots) so overpack slightly. If you can't get this then stuff some cardboard cut to shape as a temporary fix.

    Try and take them out atleast once a week and clean the insole and packing thoroughly to reduce the chance of infection in any cuts or blisters.

    Also. Invest in some "Coolmax" socks, various types are available but buy a few pairs. Also, you MUST put clean socks on every day as salt cystalises on the fibres as they dry and acts as an abrasive. This elps to irriatate the skin.

    Good luck.
  12. Tinc Benz was used, I believe, as a way of deadening the burst blister to enable one to soldier on. I had it 'administered' once and I kid you not, it felt exactly as if boiling water was being poured over the raw blister. Worked though, despite the fact that my leg fell off two weeks later... :)
  13. I got a decent set of insoles and used a lot of compeed, fantastic

    Unless you like the odd bit of S&M I would dodge the Tinc Benz mate
  14. All good advice. Never wrap up your feet completely as it restricts blood flow but I'm sure you know that. Definitely follow the advice about getting your feet measured in an outdoors shop. It might cost a bit but it's worth it. Because you are one of those unfortunate in-between sizes, I'd say buy your own boots if you haven't already. Compeed is like adding layers to your feet. I thoroughly recommend it.

    Or you can soak your feet in white spirit for a few hours to harden them up although I'm pretty sure the bottles have an irritant warning from them. Anyway, that last tip came from an old RSM ("in my day we all did it") so take it or leave it as you please.
  15. Bridgedale do great coolmax liners and main socks.

    Having done the bleeding into socks thing in a previous life, I can't recommend these highly enough.

    Germolene do a paint on 'second skin' which stings like hell but drys airproof so the pain of the blister stops. It can then be zinc oxide taped over to prevent further damage.

    All above about sorbothane I would agree with - especially the part about going for the more expensive type. This might also help with the sizing issue anyway - I have found in the past that the bigger sorbs are worth half a boot size.

    Oh and the soaking your feet in white spirit thing is fine. BUT, there is a danger that you harden the outer layer of skin and then blister deeper - that is under your outer skin layer. The blisters tend not to open (because they are deep) unless you're really kicking the arrse out of it, but in their own way they can sting just a little bit too!