Bad Employer References?

Discussion in 'Join the Army - Regular Soldier Recruitment' started by moodymoddy, May 21, 2009.

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  1. I'm just wondering what the worst consequences are if an employer gives me a bad reference when the army requests one?

    To cut a long story short, following a bit of an issue with my employer (discussed on here before!) - I have now been sacked for Gross Misconduct, as I took 2 days unauthorized absence. One to attend my BARB test, Key Skills etc - and the second to.. erm.. post my resignation. I am actually getting a bit of legal advice, and have been told I could take it to a tribunal - but I just want to live an easy life with no conflict there! So whether I do or not is another issue.

    I could probably get another 2 referee's without any major issues; I'm just wondering if this will mess my application up in anyway?
  2. Ord_Sgt

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    As far as I know the Army doesn't request employer references - you start with a clean slate and build from there, although if thats changed someone will say so.
  3. I don't think that you are allowed to give a bad reference. The minimum is a confirmation of employment dates. I stand to be corrected. Of course an ambigiuos one like' You will be lucky if you can get this man to work for you' is always an option.
  4. They are not allowed to give a bad reference, instead they just give basic employment details such as start date, absences etc but from this people usually guess that they didn't like you as an employee.
  5. I was sacked last year for Gross Missconduct. Took it to tribunal and they settled at 10k. Seek legal advice mate and soon as you only have about 2.5 months to log a cliam, which can be done online. You might have the last laugh as if even ONE bit of the dissiplinary process is wrong, you win.
  6. .oh and I got a great referance from thm too.
  7. Aye, not allowed to give a bad reference, they can refuse to give one, that should be enough to put an employer off.
  8. Technically wrong, they arent allowed to give you a bad reference yes, but they are duty bound to tell the truth. If this means poor time keeping, attitude etc, they can put that in fine, as long as its all factual.

    They will also be able to put in why you left, and if this was a dismissal, why they dismissed you.
  9. everyone is bang on, you cant get a bad reference as your previous employer probably wont be able to prove their 'bad' claims thus leaving you open to sue for slander (or is it liable). :D
  10. Cheers guys! I take it if I had one or two good references to disprove them - it would stop any bad effects this could have on my application?

    carlbcfc - yeah, so far everyone has been quite optimistic about the outcome should I take it further. I just want an easy life right now - but god knows it would help out to have a little bit of money... plus an apology!
  11. Precisely, but they can (and by sound of if..will) put all factual things that can be backed up by time sheets, HR reports etc etc etc.

    So comments like "his time keeping was poor as was his overall general atttude towards other staff and customers" would be acceptable, as they can all be backed up.
  12. Push it, trust me there were times I thought fuk it, one time during cross referencing I was thinking of chinning the old employer but rode it out and won. Out f the 10k I got 6.7k asfter paying the solicitor as I went private due to Amicus not thinking I had a case the w@nkers.
  13. I went AWOL from an employer over 20yrs ago and was sacked. I went to Frimley Park on a cadet training exercise as a spotty cadet SNCO my passion was the military not a temporay civvie job as a stepping stone. My recruting staff covered for me & a letter from my Minister got me in. Just be honest with AFCO Staff they are on your side.