Bad day for Brock

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by no-body, Jun 1, 2013.

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  1. The cull starts today, I don't agree with it as I think the 'evidence' for the transmission of Bovine TB is flimsy at best. 5000 rather lovely wild animals to be killed as a 'test' case? Doesn't seem right....
  2. Have you ever tried petting a badger?
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  3. Who's Brock?
  4. farmers lobby wins again, still dont think there is a link to bovine tb, also if there was just proves farmers are profiteering bastards.
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  5. No! Screw that, had to help release one from an inappropriate snare once - one of the most scary things I've ever done!
  6. 5000 badgers start being culled today...
  7. Admittedly, I've not really looked in the right places (at the right time), but the only badgers you see around this way are stiff ones lying squashed by the A303 - no cull needed here.
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  8. if they are really stiff, and have a yellow lollypop each side thats a zebra crossing, police have asked you to stop leaving flowers at these sites, thank you,
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  9. Interesting piece on Ireland today where they have been culling badgers for some time now, TB rates in cattle have fallen. Of course each side will be able to wheel out experts with statistics! I would prefer to see the fields around us with healthy cattle rather than empty except for some cute badgers running around, but if possible would prefer to see some form of inoculation used to sort the problem out.
  10. Cheers easy.
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  11. Not really one for roadside shrines, or culls on wildlife come to that. In my (very humble) opinion, this is just another piece of knee-jerk tinkering by our glorious leaders, similar to the ban on foxhunting. Piss ups and breweries spring to mind.
    Now, if they were to introduce a cull around some of the grottiest estates of Britain (see other thread for details), or even some of the TV studios (Jeremy Kyle, BGT, The Voice etc) I may lend my support to something like that.
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  12. As there are so many objections to killing them , why not re-home in the big cities , preferably in the homes of the objectors ?
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  13. I'm not a tied to a tree, brown rice eating, sandle wearing 'objector', I just think the evidence is flimsy that they need to be shot... I do, for example, think Slipperman maybe onto something! Thinking outside the box, I like it.
  14. Whilst I dislike farmers (on the grounds I am jealous of all their laaaand) at least they have to provide and care for their flock unlike commercial fishermen who just RAPE the sea's and complain sensible people cut quota's to ensure the thick as **** fishermen dont take every breeding stock in the sea.

    Feel better now.

    I was staying in a cottage in Newcastleton once and on the way back from Hawick we were pulled over whilst a number of police and ambulance went past, about 10 minutes later we pass a cottage with all these forensics in white paper suits.

    3 hours later with the feet up by a log fire we hear the guy in the cottage was dead from TB - apparently he had been making drum skins from roadkill badgers.

    I hope some of those ******* who did them badgers out to kill them with dogs all get a good fatal dose.

    Anyway, back on thread, I am comfortable with 5000 coes being burned, I was starting to get paranois as the number of cow on human attacks had increased lately, next step is gangs of cows shitting on the cenotaph.
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  15. If we want badgers and cows to co-exist peacefully, couldnt we just keep the cows inside in really small boxes with just a treadmill for exercise. We could call them Battery Cows and this has double meaning, keeping them indoors means we could trap the methane and capture electricity from the turning treadmills to provide them heat, a bit of light and some electronic feeding system.

    Then we just leave them until they are grown and ready for the cull. Dont even need to go in there unless the tradmills stop turning - even then you could just use one of those arcade style hooks to picj them up and throw them in the heater and drop another calf in.

    Its the future.

    Bit like Mushrooms.
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