bad credit score due to bank fcuk up

Discussion in 'Finance, Property, Law' started by brettarider, Apr 1, 2009.

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  1. Had a rejection for a mortgage yesterday so I logged into experian and seen that I had been black marked for having made a late payment on a loan had also missed one.
    This was due to Abbey's fault which they admitted with my direct debit even though all details are fine and funds being withdrawn from an other Abbey bank(Cahoot) they have informed me their system is playing up at the moment and that due to the fault it would not go against me.

    So cue surprise when I see that they have marked against me. Not only this it will show that I've been rejected and had more than 3 credit searches in the past 6 months now......fcuking fuming :evil: :evil: :evil: :evil:

    What action can I threaten them with when I call tomorrow and what should they be doing to resolve the issue.
  2. Get a complaint log from the financial ombudsman

    Abbey/Santander are notoriously bad when it comes to customer relations and will **** you about from pillar to post.

    When you phone, tell them you have logged a complaint with the FA, tell them how you want the issue to be resolved, and give them 14 days in which to do it.

    You should demand a retraction from your credit file and some compo for loss of opportunity/embarrassment.
  3. Sixty

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    Be mindful that you can't approach the Ombudsman without complaining to Abbey first. They'll either resolve it or give you a final response, at which point you can contact the FOS.
  4. If I have a financial complaint, I always go to the FA first and get a complaint number. They allow you to register a potential complaint before approaching the company. Also, if you go to the coy and tell them you have approached the FA, it usually jolts them into action a bit quicker
  5. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
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    Who are the FA you're referring to? The FOS won't touch your complaint until you've approached the company you're complaining about.
  6. Sorry I meant the FOS. I had an issue with the AA. The FOS allowed me to register an initial enquiry with them and give me a reference after a discussion with one of their advisor's before official approach to the AA
  7. Do what sixty recomends I had a problem with mint when they said I missed a payment. It went on a my record, after a quick phone call it was gone by the next update. No real hassle.
  8. I tend to call them and say in a mad axe murderer voice, "Who the fcuk do you think you are"

    That's actually a lie.

    I had this sort of shite when I was trying to get a mortgage when I lived in a flat( FIA mmmm) in London, and I only had that address to go on because they didn't understand BFPO numbers (My last posting).

    They will give if you tell them what you told us.
  9. Got a cottage you can rent if you want ? No pets/DSS or gypsys ! :D
  10. Well that's me fucked Reni got twa dugs one of which is a lurcher look a scruffy t@wt at the best of times deal with paddy ground working company's could pass as a pikey!
  11. The gaffs yours mate, your reputation precedes you !
    Get stuck into the bank mate, it all isnt as cut and dry as it seems with credit, it took me a year to get a mobile phone contract and I have never dipped below the bar with credit ect, a bit of pushing and digging might throw up a result.
  12. The line to take is that the entry on your credit file is inaccurate, and therefore a breach of the Data Protection Act 1998. If they don't remove it at once, complain to the Information Commissioner.

    FOS is a waste of time; it's not a regulator, is funded by the financial sector and most of its staff are ex-financial services staff. They take ages to do anything; Court is quicker and more likely to give a positive result.

    The way ahead is to write to Santander telling them that you require them to remove all traces of the mistake from your credit file within 7 days, from all credit reference agency files. If they don't do it, you can bring a claim in the County Court for an order forcing them to comply, and you can ask for damages as their error has caused you to suffer a harm (the inability to get a mortgage, and the possibility that any mortgage you are offered will be at a higher rate because of the entry on the credit file).
  13. Gret info peeps I'll let you know the outcome I'll phone first and use Vino's advice followed by a letter
  14. Contacted Abbey today they wont do nothing until they see my credit report even though they submitted a mark against it.

    Added Vino's wording re-jigged to suit letter sent off registered post I will watch this space!