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Bad Confidential Report Writing? Oh yes...

So what's the worst thing any of you have seen (or heard of) being written in a CR?

I think the one that tops it for me is.. "I would not allow this soldier to breed." Ouch!
How about 'this sailor has all the qualities of an un-made bed'.  

When the CO wanted it withdrawn, the author pointed out that it was too late, as his (the author's) part of the report was already signed: it was only the CO's part which was up for discussion!

happiness is 500ft down in a force 10
A Navy one allegedly said:

"This officer has used my ship to carry his p_enis around the world"

Edited to remove 'thingy' and insert 'p_enis'
This 1 had to be re written as it caused a world of problems. Saying that Im not suprised considering he was seeing the CPN. "This mans bravado is bigger than his skills."

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