Bad Company 2 Weapons

Anyone got any firm favourites so far weapon wise?

The sniper rifles are pretty awesome, and take things into account like gravity i.e bullet drop and you can actually unlock different sights (I just unlocked the 4* scope and next is 12*), there is also a special weapon which BF2 or BF1943 can unlock which is the M1, its defo got the intensity of Modern Warfare 2 but is also got alot of replay value with weapons but I kind of got bored with MW2.
M60 and the GOL Magnum are superb.

Also you have to find the UAV hilarious albeit not based on any real life uav right? Isn't it a little version of a fighter?
I use:

Assault - G3 (until I open later weapons), C4

Engineer- PP2000 with red dot sight and magnum ammo (fastest firing weapon in game with magnum ammo...nasty)

Recon- Gol Magnum

Medic - M60 with red dot sight
No one particularly fond of the M1 or am I the only one?
Assault - Combat Knife
Medic - Combat Knife
Engineer - Combat Knife
Recon - Gol

Yes, I die loads but its funny as hell if you manage to get around behind the other team and knife all the snipers in one go!
I'm only at lvl4 at the mo can anyone confirm if the Thompson is a secondary or primary weapon?

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