Bad Boys.

Two brothers aged eight and ten were constantly causing, or were in, trouble. Their single parent mother couldn't cope any more and was at her wits end. Just as she was thinking of contacting Social Services herself about them, she was told that a new vicar was having success with unruly kids.

She contacted him, told him the problem and he said to send them to see him, one at a time. She decided to send the youngest first, which she did the following morning. The priest called him into his study, sat him down and said sternly. "Do you know where God is, son ?" The lad didn't respond, he just stared at the vicar, slack jawed. The minister boomed "I asked you if you know where God is!" The kid's mouth hung open and he stared wide eyed, at the man of God. The vicar waved his finger up and down under the boy's nose and thundered. ""

The kid screamed, shot out of the chair and bolted. When he got home, he dived into the understairs cupboard and sat there, trembling.

When his older brother found him, still shaking in the cupboard,
he said. "What happened?" The younger lad gasped.
"We're in BIG trouble this time...GOD is missing..and they think we did it."
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