Bad Boxhead Drills

Discussion in 'Shooting, Hunting and Fishing' started by chally2, May 11, 2009.

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  1. Seems the boxies now have safe rounded edges :x

    Just because a psycho doesn't have the opportunity to "practice" doesn't mean he won't do it for real. Füking useless kneejerk reaction. Having said that, NL is about the only country in the world where airsoft is illegal (but paintball/laser is OK).

    Biometric safes - Those things are not really up to spec yet are they?

    Spot checks - Have them here in clog land, no real hassle except that the plod they send around have no clue about regulations so you send half the time explaning the law to them.
  2. Paintball has been a subject of much controversy here in Germany for some years. The current move to ban it has more to do with being seen to do something, anything in order to make it look as if the Federal Government is in control and has the solutions to the problems. Biometric controls on safes? Someone desperately needs to go to stores and get a life and a few working brain cells. The technology is not available and won't be for years. Surprise checks? Super idea, however there are 2 minor problems. First the Constitution prohibits such measures, secondly the Authorities who administer the firearms licences "work" from 0800 to 1600 hrs. When are most firearms owners at work? Leaving the keys with neighbours, wife/husband etc is a legal no no. Nice idea, absolutely no cigar.
    Almost forgot to mention, Federal elections are due in September. As politicians as a breed would sell their own mothers to the lowest bidder. What chance do firearms owner have?
  3. The shooting/hunting lobby in DE is quite powerfull though, I think it will be easier said than done to make the regulation changes.

    Could be the end of paintball/laser though since I'm guessing the gun lobby does not care either way on that point.
  4. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    So UKPLC do not have a monopoly on kneejerking....

    The rules in Germany are bureaucratic without adding any safety. I have never had an inspection of my security, or even been asked to confirm I have any security (you are made aware of the rules as part of a training course prior to getting your license). To my mind weapon security is a big deal.
    Before I had a German license I had weapons in Germany under my French license and European Firearms Pass. No security is legally required or specified, I must make "reasonable efforts" to ensure they do not fall into the wrong hands.....
    Personnally I would have no problem in plod or someone coming round for a quick box ticking exercise. Maybe also a check to ensure there are no nutters or manic depressives in the household would be worthwhile too.

    Shooting is the second biggest sport in Germany after football, big lobby. However I wonder how strong the large calibre pistol lobby would be, probably big enough, otherwise I will have to transfer things to my French ticket (been bitten before, am thinking ahead now...).
  5. Agreed that weapons safety is a big issue, that's drilled into all of us. However I do feel that this is a completely OTT reaction to situations that have ocurred.
    I think that most people would be happy for Herr Plod to see their cache but as has been pointed out before it does seem unworkable and most of them have a very loose understanding of the regs.
  6. panic legislation nothing else, another excuse to take another step towards a disarmed population
  7. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    German regs on cabinets are clear enough for even the daftest plod to understand, and cabinets are marked accordingly. Insurance for valuables uses the same system.

    None of which helps if you leave the keys hanging on a hook next to it.....

    Biometric systems are available and the technology is mature - but would almost double the price of an average cabinet for a reliable and secure system.
  8. I live in Germany and have firearms and have never been checked to see if if i am keeping them in the prescribed gun lockers: Its estimated there are over 6 million legally held firearms here in Germany.

    As yet we have been told we"could"face unnanouced checks on our firearms,and a ban on paint ball.Paint ball is a soft target for anti gunners and it looks like the goverment are doing something.In fact the last kid that went amok got the guns of his father who had them in his bedside draw,not locked away.

    A totall ban is seen as unrealistic here,compensation would cost the goverment millions.Im told german law would require them to give you the actuall price of your firearm,not a fixed sum as they did in UK.The Germans tend to sue you for anything and would probally sue the goverment tried to take them away.However it does not mean the Goverment can make life any easier for the shooter here with other legal red tape.

    One brain wave was that we should keep them in club houses.But as pointed out by the various shooting orgs.even with alarms every one would know where firearms would be kept and be a target for criminals.Far safer in private ownership.also recently another kid and his friend shot his whole family,parents and two sisters,with a .22 weapon .........stolen from a small bore club house.
  9. Alsacien

    Alsacien LE Moderator

    A quick change in Federal law - even legally questionable - kills all arguments. Unless to want to take the time and money to challenge it - and you don't........
  10. According to the latest news, the ban on paint ball has been put aside, for the time being at least. Depending on which source you care to believe there are either no workable biometric systems available for firearms at moment, or there is one manufacturer, who allegedly has a workable system. Either way round the computer chaos club has allegedly published a means of circumventing finger print base systems. The political parties all have different ideas on new firearms laws ranging from ban it all (die Linken and die Grünen) to the FDPs realistic approach of not changing much as existing laws suffice. My God, intelligent reasonable politicians, what next?