Bad behaviour on the Arrse website

Now look here you lot. There is far too much anger and discord on the site right now and it's upsetting BCO.

In fact on a very resent incursion to the Bat Cave (thanks to my hacker friend Ahmed the Awesome of Islamabad) I learned that the BCO house was in turmoil over the weekend thanks to the antics of stacker. sinner, ishtar and others. And some who are nameless.

In fact so disturbed was BCO by all the unholy goings on, that he began vigorously rustling the pages of his Sunday copy of the Sudanese Communist Party newspaper, Al-Midan, as he was having his customary pre-Sunday lunch glass of Ribena.

This obviously affected the whole family and I heard that his mum was so perturbed by his description of the events events and goings within the arrse website, that she inadvertently opened the oven in which the family Sunday roast was cooking and, as a direct result, the Yorkshire pudding (for which BCO's mum is justly renowned) fell and became a sad, soggy mattress, unworthy of the name.

A serious and disturbing circumstance as I am sure you will all agree.

So in an effort to exert a calming influence upon the site I am now appealing for serenety. Lets all get together and do something that will cast an aura of peace, stability and wholesome harmony over us all.

Can I reccomend that we take up knitting? Seriously. It's a very good and peacefull therapy for all those destructive and antagonistic personalities, some of whom are listed above.

Here's one of my favourite knitting patterns:

I'm sure that you all have your own favorite knitting patters, so why not share them on here and reduce both the BCO's blood pressure and the amount of disharmony currently affecting the site?

Note: screen names are given without capitalisation to avoid inflaming the situation.
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Now that's very sensible.
Perhaps a new knitting icon could be added to the current crop and if 'awarded' one the guilty barsteward must attend a Show knitting parade (by uploaded picture) within a certain time frame or RoPs would be dished out.
This will allow tempers to cool as offenders would be too busy knitting to keep up pixilated punch ups.
I think I should get a nice shiny pixel medal for my contribution to Internet peace and goodwill to all.
Nah, Mr Spud head or Regimental cap badges, none of your other big puter time wasting characters need apply.
You can recommend it all you like, but it aint happening at this station.

Well that's just typical of the uncooperative nature of the malcontents and and disruptive elements of the site!
My Mother-in-Law knits, continuously.

So you would think that peace and tranquility would be the result.

Wrong. Oh so very very wrong.
OK, so what if someone can knit a full Sunday Roast that wcan be on standby for when Bad CO's mum comes over all unnecessary ?


Which reminds me - what's the difference between Cosmopolitan and Women's Realm?

One teaches women how to fake an orgasm, the other tells her how to knit one.

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