Bad ar*se - please help

Hi all, posted this in professionally qualified but thought may also be relevant in here.....

I wonder if anyone is able to help me? I was until recently, an OCDT at RMAS when I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis. Eventually I was MD'd which came as a massive blow, considering I'd wanted to join the Army all my life.
I've been told that once you've been diagnosed with UC you can't rejoin. I also know however that 50 % of people who have an attack of UC never get one again. I am now working in a stressful job in the City which has not brought back an attack. I also am planning to cycle Land End to John O Groats in the New year so I am not short of fitness.

Anyone please got some good news to get a fella back on his chosen track??? Pleeeease?



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