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Bad airmanship?


Bit fecking basic if you ask me....

As I was always taught - "Never stick your tail where you wouldn't stick your dick"


I was a nanosecond away from commenting on silly places you've stuck your dick, but I shall desist, and stick to "Yup, he fucked up."

On the plus side, he managed to have a relatively benign TR strike and avoid spiralling into a big heap of components.

Been nearly-there, with Nige W*tts at the helm, turned the fenestron green while out strimming.


Harsh, but fair. A competant crewman is worth his weight in fuel. Even Nick P. On a good day.


I thought you were flying with me on that exercise?
You may well be right, although I did get about a bit in those days. :)

It might have been Campbell that guided Green Nigel into the trees.

All well on the employment front?

(Talking of GN, does anyone have a contact address? I owe him a huge letter of apology for not replying to a very nice letter from him after Granby)
Bloody lucky I reckon. I think the main rotor takes out the cable just before the tail rotor. May well have been a different story had he trashed the tail rotor instead of a few tip caps?
No, the Northwest Regional Air Support/Operations will be Cheshire, Lancs, GMP and North Wales. I believe that all will call themselves NW Air Support/Ops.
Please tell little old moi, that they have had a rethink and got rid of that Notar.
Sh1t the politics of that purchase where hilarious, I once emptied the crew room in Liverpool when I asked if a certain Inspector was a mason.


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