How hard or easy is it for a pay office to arrange a BACS payment for a soldier? The soldier is in Germany and wants pay going to his UK account and it is not sorted due to JPA time lag (he rejoined the Army and is not on the data base yet) - how fast can a payment be arranged and made?
Many thanks.
If you find the answer to that out please let me know. I am in the same boat having rejoined 4 months ago with no wages since, even though my last pay as a mobilised reservist was 5 months ago!
I dont know of many BACS payments that are paid in germany as they normally paid cash, approach your FSA is my advice, and he will be able to give you advice. Primarily depends on the unit, i know mine doesnt. If the reason is viable there should be a reason for an EPIC (JSP 754) if they fall into the criteria, would a cash payment sove the problem?
To create an EPIC properly though surely the Soldier has to be on the system? Although obviously I'm sure something could be sorted out under the counter.
thanks for advice - this has now gone through my chain of command rather fast as the end of the month is fast approaching. the reason is valid and there was a work around arranged at the depot - just need to get this information to the new unit and hope for the best. Cash pay is no good in Euros in Germany when the standing orders go out in £ in UK accounts. Need a cheque or EPIC/BACS payment other wise the soldier looses out on the exchange rate and bank charges to get his wages where he wants them.
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