Bacon salt

Airborne_Aircrew said:
It probably isn't going to be a big hit in the IDF either... :lol:
err... disagree old man! its Kosher as well (apparently) and I quote

"Kosher Certification

Yes, there are rabbis out there with enough chutzpah to certify things with bacon in the name as kosher. Fortunately, there is no such thing as eternal damnation in the Jewish faith. If you keep kosher, the good news is that all of J&D's products are Kof-K certified. Hickory, Peppered, Jalapeno, Maple, Applewood and Mesquite Bacon Salts are Kof-K Parve, while Original, Natural, and Cheddar Bacon Salts along with Regular and Lite Baconnaise are Kof-K Dairy. Please visit to learn more about Kof-K kosher certification."
Flight said:
I don't know how well it would go with tuna, or twiglets for that matter...

editted to say... You can get it from here...

I've never seen it in the supermarkets etc.

Placed an order with these guys on the strength of this thread & rx'd this email in response..

My bold for edit

Hi Steiner,

You will probably be wondering why the 90 pence came back - My wife and I believe strongly in supporting things that need supporting, and our servicemen come well into that category so I asked her (she is processing orders as I am away looking for new product for our web-shop) to round down the pence on the order with the BFPO address.

Our armed forces are very much "unsung" in UK, and you guys either have served in "trouble-spots", are doing so, or will probably do so. At the moment we don't take alot of mark-up as the shipping costs take most ofour "distributor discount", but we feel that we should at least show some sort of respect and appreciation.

I was in Saudi when "Kuwait" happened, and felt a lot safer knowing the British Military was heading out (worried that the Yanks were coming as well though!!!) and my "regular business" was dead in the run-up to Gulf One and I found myself running convoys of just about anything that "4&7" needed up toJubail (stuff that was "not important enough to ship out by air" and that I could find locally in Saudi. During that time I built up some friends there in Camp Jubail.

BzconSalt Inc over in Seattle send complimentary bottles to the US military (ANYTHING has to help MREs!), funded by their tee-shirts etc's profits, but we're not making a profit yet but we'll keep an eye out for BFPO addresses and try to knock at least 10% off from orders.

BTW - did you hear about us from the post on aarse a few days ago? I suspect a coincidence as I regularly search for sites where we are mentioned especially after we had a burst of hits on our website and then I saw the post by "Flight", and at about that time. (though not a lot oforders!)

Must go asI'm still away from home and Wife's name is on the phone.

Thanks again for the order, and all our best wishes and prayers for you.

Damned good show in my book & perhaps worth another look for some?