Bacon by post.

Discussion in 'Cookery' started by Chef, Feb 7, 2012.

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  1. A few days ago I was trying to explain to the Chefettes about the olden days, when bacon could be placed in a lightly greased (if at all)pan and the bacon would yield fat to fry eggs, bread, and Force in.

    Even taking bacon out of the packet and leaving it in greaseproof paper to dry out a bit doesn't stop the vile white **** leaching out. I usually par cook it take the rashers out clean the pan and finish off with butter, or grill it, Don't even get me started on shrinkage!

    We have a local organic butcher, but his stuff is much the same.

    Has anybody here tried one of the mail order type businesses, and if so can you recommend any in particular?

    Any info gratfully received, thanks.
  2. John Robinson Butchers
    Marsh Meadow
    High Street
    Stockbridge SO20 6HF
    01264 810609

    Give them a ring, I'm sure they'll post it to you at cost. Ask them to cut the slices a bit thicker than normal. The smoked streaky is stunning.
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  3. Our local butcher sells a 5lb pack of bacon that has thick rashers, is ****-free and doesn't shrink much. It's not on display - you just have to know that he has them. He also throws in a dozen or so layer sheets for freezing in convenient lumps. The displayed bacon isn't as good, but is better than the supermarket crap. I don't know if he doctors the contents of the pack prior to display or if the display bacon comes from a different source.

    As for internet ordering, along with the pallet load of sausages in lard and processed cheese I ordered from ROSSPA just before Xmas, I also ordered a 5lb pack of bacon. It's just the same as the pack bought from the butcher. (The brussels sprouts looked grotty but once peeled seemed OK and had a sprout flavour that I can't remember tasting since childhood, supermarket sprouts are just bland).
  4. BiscuitsAB

    BiscuitsAB LE Moderator

    You could try these guys as well. Tori and Bens Farm - Home

    Tori (victoria) and Ben are passionate about their product and I buy all my beef, lamb and Pork and pork product off of them.

    If anyone around the east mids knows of a decent poultry provider I'd be grateful.

    I made a decision a while back only to buy from people I could meet. I want to know that the animal I'm eating was treated well before it got the chop.
  5. You could make your own. All you need is some pork belly, a plastic bag, salt, herbs and spices.

    That bloke with all the hair who makes TV programmes and lives in Dorset did a couple of books on that sort of thing, they're probably in the local library.
  6. Ken Hom?
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  7. Woodwards Farm : 01832 293490 :

    Their beef is awesome. Will butchers it himself so you can get cuts which are not normally available (Jacob's Ladder for example).

    We have a standing order for 2 thick rib-eye steaks each week and have never been disappointed.

    They do bacon which does not leach **** and tastes lovely (and REAL eggs as well). Pork and lamb are both top notch as well.

    They visit several farmers markets (shown on the website).
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  8. spike7451

    spike7451 RIP

    The's a place in Enniskillen, O'Dohertys Fine Meats, that sells Black Bacon that featured on The Hairy Bikers.

    Black Bacon™

    The's some good recipies as well;

    Black Bacon™
  9. Wherever you go, you need to make sure you ask for dry cure bacon. The stuff that spunks out of most modern bacon is mainly salt water, with the odd other preservative and a bit of fat. Dry cure bacon looks more expensive, but once you work out that half the weight on a pack of supermatket bacon is water, the price difference isn't that great.

    If you can't find a good local supplier, it is worth giving Sainsburys Organic Dry cure a try - not in the same league as farm cured stuff from a real butcher, but a million times better than "Danishhhhhit"
  10. The smokehouse, wilmslow way does Black Bacon, which is mint, they do postal i think.
  11. Any recommendations for someone in the Surrey / W Sussex area?
  12. Aldi do a "special" drycure streaky which is pretty good.... it's £1.99 for a small pack, but you get value and good quality.

    Haven't made any for a while now, but you can make your own streaky in a week from belly pork.... get it from a freezer centre and get them to cut out the ribs (Sticky chinese sauce) and it's best skinned as well, after a week's salting its like trying to cut through an old boot.
  13. Thanks a lot chaps, plenty to go on there, I shall have to have a go at making my own, as well.

    Back jn the 70s, the trade papers advertised saline injectors for pork and poultry, the message being 'Why sell meat when you can sell water?' The ads were withdrawn but the damage had been done.
  14. If you're going to tell tales of the old days, you could relate how an ACC Chef could turn this:


    into this:


    But don't forget to relate the "One slice" mantra.
  15. ugly

    ugly LE Moderator

    Easy to make bacon, I get my belly from a hobby pig farmer locally who doesnt like the belly for free and use it for sausage filling or bacon. Old Berkshires is the breed!