Backup/Restore problemo

Backed up p.c. files and doc's to a 4gb usb flashdrive.
On trying to restore these found that only 3 letters/documents had been transferred, all files/doc's/music is shown as being on the flashdrive , but the folders only have been backed up, not the contents, what did i do, or perhaps NOT do?? :?
What backup software did you use?
WinRAR ??
Open WinRar and go to options>settings>integration. If the iso box is checked (has a tick in it) uncheck this, save settings and try to tranfer some (but not all) of the documents again.
iso did the trick, many thanks arte :D
msr said:
Why WinRAR? not only do you have to pay for it, there are better options out there: try
thanks msr, downloaded that, WinRAR was pre installed new p.c. on 40 day free trial.
Bin it and replace with izarc ;)

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