Backstroking the SEME Sgts mess pond in your No2 dress

Discussion in 'REME' started by julias-limbani, Dec 17, 2009.

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  1. Quite some time ago a certain member of a certain tiffy course suggested that if he should manage to pass his tiffy course then he would backstroke the pond of the SEME Sgts mess in his 2s. Those who know him will know he is being a bit of a pussy about this now and giving excuses. To this end I would like to invite other members of the corps to make their feelings known as to whether he should be allowed to do this. If there is enough of us telling him to man up and get his 2s on pondside we should be able to make him do it. Could I ask other members of his course to monitor this and apply pressure to him before the scrolling. Thanks.
  2. Pics please when this happens. :)
  3. I think he should definately get himself in there. You can't go pledging to do something like that only to jack just because it's minus 4 and hailing like fuck.
  4. Can't say I know him, but I'm sure there's a lot of people that would love to watch and that would offer a significant amount of vocal encouragment! If spectating isn't possible (it isn't a HUGE pond after all, and space would of course be reserved for those of senior rank), just try and make sure you get it on youtube :wink:
  5. I dont care who he is but £10 to H4H if he does it before Christmas and I see pics on this site.
  6. He won't do it, dirty Fenian that he is.
  7. So, it's not Spaz then ?
  8. swimming in 2's he'll sink like a brick
  9. :twisted:

    nah its a tiffy shit floats!!
  10. Nope!
  11. Who the hell voted against the motion?

    I have to say, if this person clearly stated he/she would do this then does not follow through (stop the thoughts & crude comments now :oops: ) then integrity is clearly called into question 8)
  12. Doing backstroke without a spine could be very dangerous :)
  13. I'm sure there will be a form of cheat sheet that will detail the shallow spots!
  14. And once he's done it he can donate his 2s to Sgt. Slingsby...

    'cos they certainly won't fit him anymore :lol:
  15. Yes mate Im sure there will be :) god im sounding like a bitter and twisted Artisan :wink: