Backs to the wall....toilets that is

Any plumber types offer some advice for a little plan of mine?

My dear old, rapidly going mental, mother has a (semi) outside toilet; it sits under the landing outside her back door. As she's none to steady on her feet my plan is to move this bog inside to the cupboard that backs onto it in the house.
Soil pipe is on the same wall so just need to cut through and connect into the existing plumbing and add an extractor.
However space in the prospective new bog is a little tight and the normal close coupled cloakroom loo would leave you with your knees in the doorway, a back to the wall toilet would fit but I'd need to have the cistern out in the existing loo. So rather than the normal hiding it behind a partition wall it'll be hidden behind a brick wall is this slight increase in distance going to cause any issues??
Thanks for the response and theory works for me too.
I notice BES have a Macdee cistern with a 1m cable flush though the 550 mil one under it should do the job.
Just need to find a short pan and then have a bit of a fettle to ake it all work :)
No and the whats going to be the old downstairs toilet will only be a coat store so the cistern in there wont be an issue.
I've gone for a square number, after a lot of deliberation if an extra 20cm less was worth double the price (talk about less is more!) and I'll be getting an order for BES together for the cistern.
Just the tiles, vent, lights, door and random other shit that'll crop up when I start to install it to get now.
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