Backroom Casting - legend or bastard?

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Dashing_Chap, May 11, 2011.

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  1. I've eer... Just been admiring some art work and I think I've found the coolest chap on the internet. Judging by the videos it's not acted or scripted either.

    Some chap in the states has set up a porno business filming nubile sluts from a tacky office. He advertises for models and when they turn up he promises them riches of up to $5000+ a day, but in order to get this they have to 'make a tape' that he can send out to directors.

    He then asks them perverted questions about their sex lives and shags the fcuk out of them. After the fun he tells them he'll give them a call and boots them out. Next thing you know he's put the videos on the net and sits back as all the wonga flows in. Bearing in mind that he's probably utterly ruined the lives of these simple minded sluts forever, is he an utter bastard or a genius?

    Liz Hawkenson is one of the deluded morons who had her university scholarship revoked for starring in the show, she took it up the ricker too apparently, classy!

  2. Seen it, it's a bit like you really, one dimensional, limited in enjoyment and the proverbial one trick pony.

    May I suggest Crack Whore Confessions - prostitute pictures, crack cocaine pictures, reality porn, whores

    A fucking great site, and once suitably oiled after watching a few vids you can scoop up your very own rock puffing lady not 200 yards from Manchesters Piccadilly Station and relax in the back of your motor as a gummy mouthed crack addict with a fine carpet of afro sucks your cock as you finger her arse.
  3. mmmmm you could do a peter sutcliffe aferwards.
  4. Thread content aside, may I just say thank you for dropping your god-awful pseudo-upper class writing style. From the very off, you were neither fooling nor entertaining anyone.
  5. Fake shit, you can't release videos like this without forms being signed. No-one got duped and you're a retard.
  6. You'll be telling me next that MILF Hunter and Ben Dover don't really just walk up to girls in shopping centres and persuade them to fuck on camera.
  7. Dashing Chap did.
    But then he is a retard, as you've noticed.
  8. I find that they do if you take a knife.
  9. Aye, but we don't release those videos!
  10. The Liz Hawkenson story is fake.
  11. Anyone see the video of the now RLC cheffess getting pumped by some British knob jockey (Ben Dover or some shit like that)? It was pretty rough as it involved tampon sucking as well, but it was quite funny her slinging muck on your plate in the cookhouse when normally she was getting muck slung on her on camera!
  12. Now I've studied theses self help films and I recon there fake. Also the bloke has a sticky out belly button ! just to confirm I gonna have to watch the soccer mom one over again
  13. Shame on you man. Link!!
  14. Roses are red,
    Violets are blue,
    I've got a knife,
    Now get in the van.......

    Fuck, I think I need help.
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  15. Sorry, can't provide. Was shown on a laptop down in Sennelager about 2 years back. Can't remember name or anything.