Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by lightlyseasonedvet, Jun 23, 2009.

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  1. Had a quick search but cant seem to find anything on this... I would just like to know what the rules on back pay are. Specifically for when you come off a board but dont wear the the rank until a few months after. Should you be back paid for this time?, does it make a difference if u were substansive as soon as you came off the board (CLM wise)? or should you only be paid from when you start wearing?... It seems to vary from soldier to soldier in my unit and i'm having difficulties working out why this might be. Clerks at work seem to be no help.

  2. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    If your not wearing it why would you get paid for it.

    When you get to wear it (Sunstantive or acting) then you will get paid for it.
  3. ok.. i understand that. So i guess its just a case of 'chin up' to soldiers who dont get made up untill say 11 months from the board as compared to soldiers who get made up on the day? seems a little unfair but i can understand the reasoning
  4. If you aren't wearing the rank then you arent the rank, therefore you don't get paid for it. Seems totally fair.

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  5. ok, cheers for the replies
  6. B_AND_T

    B_AND_T LE Book Reviewer

    Why is it unfair?

    Look at it another way. You have applied to join the army and you have been accepted, all you are waiting to to is go to the ATR. Would you expect to get paid by the MOD for the time you are waiting to go. No you wouldn't.
  7. i just meant financially... 2 guys of equal ability come off the same board at the same time... however one gets 11 months of extra pay when compared to the other, for no fault of the other person... obviously the extra pay comes from the extra 11 months of responsibility that guy has had and i understand that. But i seem to see some people getting large amounts of back pay in this situation and others not, im obviously not getting the full story when speaking to them and the back pay must be due to some other factor.
  8. one isn't getting 11 months of extra pay, he's getting 11 months of pay for the rank he holds, where as the other bloke is getting paid for the lower rank that he holds. No one is getting extra money.

    As for back pay, dont expect 11 months back pay, theres a reason that one of them hasnt been promoted yet, maybe its because there isnt a vacancy yet. If its because there isnt a vacancy he'll only get paid from the day the post became vacant. There isnt the budget to pay for the same post twice.
  9. It's very very very unfair to be promoted. :roll:
  10. The double bonus is that the person who picked up quickly could receive and SJAR in that rank meaning the person who picked up later is an SJAR behind his peer group.

    Ohh, this Army game it's great.

    I would suggest, fish lips, that you be content with being promoted and concentrate on getting your quals for promotion done.
  11. Are you a tech LSV? Cos that is one instance when backpay as you seem to describe it does apply
  12. yeah i am nmr, how would that make a difference?
  13. Know of a substantive lance jack, he was paid the rate of a rifleman rather than L/cpl