Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by Shaithis, Mar 27, 2009.

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  1. Quick question here, I got promoted to acting Cpl at the end of Jan this year. I had been doing the job since June 2008 (the post was actually gapped for a Cpl. and i was a LCpl at the time). I have enquired about some form of backpay from June last year (the time i took over the post officially) and have not heard much at all.

    I checked my paystatement online for this month (March09) and see that there are some arrears on there from Jan 10th 2009, JPA also puts my pay level up from Jan 10th 2009.

    Is this the only backpay they are going to give me ?, and, if so, is there anyway i can see why i wasn't pain from June 08?

    My Detatchment commander has said that it would have to come down to the camp 2i/c to authorise it, can't i speak to the AGC payguy (or get my Det Comd to do it) to get some clarification on this matter?.

    I would hate to think i have been doing the job (even though the chance to do the job has no doubt helped me with my acting rank, and hopefully substansive this year) without the pay. I know it seems shallow and greedy, but money is money, and in this credit crunch any extra is always welcome ! :D
  2. 1. AGC Payguy died.

    2. Call JPAC - the number is on there when you log into JPA, see the top left bit and ask them.

    3. 2IC authorising it involves a form filling in. Read previous threads.

    4. Shut up with the credit crunch mullarky, at least you don't live in a cardboard box on the street.

    5. I didn't swear during this post - how mad is that?
  3. Are you feeling yourself?
    Oh god did I phrase that wrong?

  4. Yes butler you did word that wrong! 8O
    I too am shocked though by the snails ability to not swear :wink:
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    The serious question here is:
    a. Is the Snail unable to swear early on a Friday morning
    b. Does the Snail have the ability not to swear on a Friday morning

    So it is a question of having or not having certain abilities.

    I leave it with you.


  6. Thanks for the info, i will get onto it today.

    And, i think i should be thankful that you didn't swear at me too :D
  7. Rumours of the demise of pay guys have been greatly exaggerated.

    Whilst not in the first flush of youth, there are still a few old and bold former members of the Royal Army Pay Corps (stands to attention and hums Imperial Echoes) clinging on to dear life in SPS Branch (remains seated and grumbles about the horrid coloured beret).

    It seems that you may be entitled to either acting rank backdated if the vacancy existed at the time, or at the very least substitution pay. Unfortunately neither can be granted unless a vacancy existed for that period.

    Usually the problem is that there is no vacancy, as the incumbent of the position that you have been doing the work for, is actually mis-employed doing something else in a non-established post. Consequently you get nowt.

    In a unit the RCMO will usually be able to tell you if the vacancy was filled or not. It sounds like you are not in a standard unit (camp 2IC?) so yo may not have an RCMO. Ultimately whoever controls the establishment will have the information. If you are uncomfortable going to see the whoever that is I would expect your chain of command to get involved and ask on your behalf. If he OKs it then the SPS staff wil get involved and give you the necessary paperwork.

    Wow - I think that was the biggest answer I have ever put on here. Going for a lay down now as my typing finger is worn out.
  8. Well, what happened was,

    The guy who was the section commander got promoted from Cpl to Sgt and took over the Detachment Commander position because the previous Det Comd got promoted himself and got posted. I then moved up (as i was the section 2i/c at the time) into the section commanders post. This all happened June last year. I have been doing the sect comds job since then, and at the end of Jan this year was made up to acting Cpl.

    The detachment commander post is a Sgt,
    The section commander post is a Cpl , 2i/c is LCpl.

    That is why i was wondering about the back pay. As far as i can see on JPA it was only backdated to Jan 10th 2009 and not from when i took over the post.

    I will have a word with the SPS guys here, and give JPAC a ring with reference to it all and see what i need to (and can) do.
  9. Quick question.

    I've heard that as you go from Acting Cpl to Substansive Cpl, you are meant to jump up an increment level.

    Any truth in that?
  10. Fraid not.

  11. Well, just found out that i probably won't be getting anything in the way of backpay because it is after April and we are in the new financial year and JPA cannot authorise that backpay from last financial year.

    If so, what a load of balls. I have been waiting since end of jan 09 for them to sort something out, and all of a sudden, it gets past the cut off point.

    Nice going. It took them about 3 months just to fob me off with a load of hogwash. i suppose they had to wait for the date so they could say "sorry, nothing we can do".

    that makes me so bloody angry right now. Hope they don't want anything from me in a hurry soon, it might have to wait past MY cut off date. :x
  12. I am sorry to say but that is simply bollocks, there is nothing to do with the new finanical year that will stop you getting back pay if you are entitled to it. There is a 9 month window on JPA for Unit HR, or whatever we are called now to do stuff themselves on JPA, but even then it can go back further than that via Tiger Team.

    It sounds like you are getting fobbed off
  13. Cheers for the info mate, i did think it sounded a bit suss. I am going to have a word with my Det Comd today to see if what i have been told about the backpay is true.

    Then i will ask him who said it, and what official source it came from.

    Then, (thanks to some frantic searching on internet and Armynet) hit him with the "he is talking bollocks" point of view.

    Also, what is Tiger Team ?

    Never heard of them before.
  14. Your best answer on here by a long shot is the one from Mutineer. I will further add to what he has said by saying that you'll find most posts like that are actually rank ranged LCpl/Cpl. Meaning that whilst you may have been doing the Cpls job, it is deemed perfectly acceptable for a LCpl to do it too, with no extra pay. Once you get 'acting CPL' however, you will incur the pay rise accordingly.
  15. :oops:

    Flattery will get you everywhere.....