Backpacker is a bit too good for 12 days in bush?

Discussion in 'The Intelligence Cell' started by VanHelsing, Jul 15, 2009.

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  1. Is it me but is the condition of the UK backpacker a little bit too good for 12 days in the bush. Just happend to be found by a known trail 2 hours before the search was to be called off.
    Am I being over sceptical?
    But I know what people look like after a day missing on Brecon.
    He just looked a little too groomed and normal for me

  2. He hasn't shaved and it could be 12 days growth on a young bloke.

    The weather has been cold (by local standards) but not too much rain of late, but he does look in good condition.
  3. ray mears has alot to answer for
  4. Perhaps he was a fat fcuker when he went in.
  5. That was a groomed beard. Remarkably good condition he was in I thought.

  6. Lets wait for the book deal and the Daily Mail serialisation before we jump to conclusions! :roll:
  7. You could be right Seagull, have you seen the size of his mum ?

    I can just get the slight feel of a publicity stunt and story selling with this one.
    Cynical git that I am :lol: :lol:

  8. I'm guessing they let him have a shower/bath & a shave before putting him on tv.
  9. back packing walt ........... :D
  10. mysteron

    mysteron LE Book Reviewer

    You should have heard his dad on the press conference this morning on R4. Brilliant, straight talking and funny.

    Synopsis was: Dad is furious with son for not taking a mobile phone or any form of comms with him, not being properly organised and beinga 'cowboy'. Furious that son has cost the Aussie taxpayer millions of dollars because of the above. Dad is relieved that he is OK but will not fund / permit his son to go to SE Asia as part of his punishment.

    Really good interview!
  11. Perhaps his admin in the field is better than yours VanH.. yer Pikey! :wink:
  12. I reckon his mum will arrange a party in GREGGs, his brother and sister look like they could survive a month or even two in the bush
  13. I feel the same way VH,how did his old man suddenly appear in Oz :roll:
  14. His old man has been in Oz for the last 2 weeks, since he was reported missing. I understand he was on the verge of flying back to the UK when the Police informed him that his son had been found.

    I can appreciate the cynicism here, but let's give him a chance!

    There is a definite thyroid problem in the family though! :)
  15. Backpackers* are forever doing this sort of thing. They should be left to it.

    *wide-eyed, obnoxious gap year students, travelling on Mummy and Daddy's money, completely oblivious to any sort of danger and unable to contemplate a place where their 'rights' don't exist.