Backlash against the Asian community?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Negligent-Discharge, May 13, 2012.

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  1. Negligent-Discharge

    Negligent-Discharge LE Book Reviewer

    With two lads (RIP) being killed by an Afghani policeman and various ethic gentlemen being arrested/sent down up North for child abuse/grooming and Gang murders between African immigrants how long before there is a backlash from the White community?

    I've noticed a slow leaning towards a backlash from friends and colleagues - not neccesarily in a "****ing batstards, send 'em home" or "Hanging's not good enough!" comment. The Meedja in general are too Lefty and PC so wouldn't dare vocalise or print what the man on the top deck of the Clapham omnibus is thinking.

    I am concerned that there will be a Powellesque backlash...

  2. Start with the porridgegobblers, I say.

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  3. No idea but feel I must pick you up on one thing, when referring to someone from Afghanistan the term is Afghan, an Afghani is a unit of currency. Sorry to be pedantic but there you go.
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  4. maguire

    maguire LE Book Reviewer

    I think any backlash, if one appears, will be based on lines of faith rather than race. it seems to be the cause of the huge majority of all the friction, to this observer anyway.
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  5. Forastero

    Forastero LE Moderator

    OP has a started a reasonable thread in CA so stop scribbling all over it. If you can't contribute sensibly, don't bother.
  6. Not at the moment, the public UK are just too stuck up their own arrses and to many are afraid of the PC backlash.
    Better to get in a curry and a few cans of red stripe and watch shite on TV?
    they know if the took on a non white person the law would wipe their arrses for them.
    shoe on the other boot tho and wonder what would happen?
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  7. I don't see it happening to be honest. The kind of spaz that would do it has had years and much bigger reasons (September 11th, 7th July etc for example) and nothing's happened more than a bit of graffiti and some internet gobbing off.

    I don't see Afghan 'police' killing soldiers as enough to start trouble - it hasn't in the past when it's happened. I doubt most people even register that it's happened anyway, too many deaths mean that it just blends into the background noise from Afghanistan.
  8. I still think that if there another terrorist attack in the uk with a loss of life and if we dont see the correct response to it from certain ethnic and religious groups condemning it unreservedly, then you will see a huge backlash,.
  9. There will not be a backlash, the British people are to self concerned.
    There is a lot of "all blacks, pakis, etc should go home" but it is only talk nobody will actually do anything.
    The only backlash has been the Welsh burning holiday homes of the english, and a small amount of the same thing in Cornwall, by CNLA.
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  10. Not as long as Blair's laws criminalising even talking about such things exist. The Sheeple will be too docile to realise they've been shafted time and again by people like Wilson, Blair, Heath and Broon.
  11. I can't see it, for a couple reasons:

    Second or third generation Asians are an integral part of British life now. The Far Right could make the classic mistake of attacking someone with more British credentials that some of them.

    Backlashes against races or religions just aren't the British way. The most excited we'll get is at the thought of looting an Argos somewhere. But burn down something without the chance of a free DVD player? No thanks chief!
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  12. Sixty

    Sixty LE Moderator Book Reviewer
    1. ARRSE Cyclists and Triathletes

    I'd change 'self concerned' to 'tolerant' were I in an introspective mood. Beyond the fringes, most English, Scots, Welsh and even the Norn Irish tend to be of the live and let live variety and will happily rub along without hating anyone because of the continent they come from.
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  13. No, I don't think there will be a backlash - mainly because i think the population of the UK to be clever enough to realise that it is only a small proportion of the Muslim community that rape young girls and support the killing of British soldiers.

    Was there a noticeable backlash against the Southern/Northern Irish or indeed Catholics when they were blowing us up/shooting us in NI? No

    Do you think that most child molesters are Muslim? No, I think the majority of people realise that this group of Muslim paedophiles form the minority of their religious/ethnic community. I am guessing that the vast majority of paedophiles in the UK are Christian - will there be a backlash against Christians because of this? No
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  14. I doubt the majority of people back-lashing are capable of telling the difference even if they wanted to.

    Put them in a room with a Hindu and a Bosniak and ask them to identify the Muslim, I'm pretty sure I know which one they'd point at and why.
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