Backing Music - Departure of Bliar

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by Outstanding, May 3, 2007.

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  1. How about:

    And they called it Puupy Love?
  2. or....

    Send in the clowns....

    or is it a bit late for that one?


    One way ticket to hell......
  3. Bat out of Hell!
  4. From the end of the Mickey Mouse cartoons "That's all folks"
  5. Ode to Joy would be appropriate.
  6. 'things can only get better?'

    oh, the irony burns so deep
  7. Anything by Napalm Death, maybe Human Scum, Circle of Hypocrisy, Game of the ********* or Persona Non Grata.

    Either that or just the sound of his intestines being slowly removed via his rectum.
  8. American Idiot?

    I'll get my coat.
  9. The music from The Benny Hill Show as we chase him out of No. 10 and up Whitehall, battering him with an array of blunt instruments.
  10. The Great Pretender
  11. 'You'd better go now (before you make me cry)' - Oops, too late.

    'Chain of fools'

    'Another one bites the dust'

    'Smile, though your heart is breaking' - irony isn't dead you see.

    'Wake me up before you go-go'

    Or, just Satchmo - 'What a wonderful world'
  12. Same here i love the song another one bites the job dust
  13. Fireman Song - Derek and Clive

    'jump you fucker jump!'
  14. 'Won't get fooled again' The Who

    Meet the new boss

    Same as the old boss
  15. Is there a song titled "I'd like to throw your family into a mincer, make you listen to their screams then eat the resulting burgers before brutally anally raping with a bayonet, wnaking over you as your life trickles out your ********" ?

    If there's not , there should be,