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Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by polar69, Jul 30, 2012.

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  1. This is a bit of a stretch but I need a recording of radio transmissions for a recruiting stand, simply for the purposes of atmosphere, we are supposed to be setting up a det and cp tent etc and civvys love nothing more than hearing static, white noise clips of morse phasing in an out of the ionospheric layers and of course "Broadsword calling Danny boy" You know what I mean, the sort of stuff the museum has to drown out the sound of the cash register in the cafe.

    It wouldn't have to be long, a five or ten minute loop would do it, I have sound editing software I can use to mess about with it and I have half an idea that I could record off you tube.

    Any suggestions barring the obvious naafi ones ?
  2. type in your search engine, saving you tube clips. I do it now and again, works fine...
  3. Turn on an HF, turn off squelch, record.
  4. Try these,
    •0048 and 0520 (long wave and FM)
    •1201 and 1754 (normally long wave only)
    Twiddle your radio freqs, and you might pick up the russian stuff in high speed morse. Or at least you could in the early nineties. (Last time I tried sorry)
  5. Excuse my duffheadness....but how do you record youtube clips????
  6. Google 'youtube downloader'. There's loads of free programmes that allow you to download Youtube clips.
  7. Cheers.......JBM
  8. Stick a scanner in your tent on a live feed with 7646kHz blasting out - it got me twitching just thinking about it (or maybe that was Ms Ennis coming out for the 200m).

    7646 kHz DDH 7 00.00 - 24.00 UTC 1 kW F1B 50 Baud + / - 225 Hz