Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Mr.Brown, Apr 23, 2008.

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  1. Sorry if this is a silly question gents but I wasn't able to find aything on Arrsepedia or the wider internet on the subject. So, I've read that such-and-such a unit is being backfilled by troops from other units while on Ops a few times, and I was wondering how exactly this works, say, is it voluntary or are soldiers ordered into it? If so is it something your average Infantryman would be expected to do, or is it more often done by specialists and such?

    I ask because I will be joining the Royal Irish Regiment after I pass out sometime in November (all things going according to plan), which would be a short while after they are set to return from Op Herrick, and I wonder if the longer wait before I would normally be deploying with my Battalion (again, all things going according to plan) would make me a candidate for backfilling another unit, if that is indeed how it works.

    Anyway this is wild speculation on my part but I suppose I'd like to do my fair share once I've got through Catterick. Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer.
  2. There are a number of ways it works. First, at your stage of the game, young officers are often attached to other units, especially if the rest of the Bn has just returned from an Op Tour. This happened to me, and it did what it was supposed to: gave me good early experience. This may be the result of a one- way conversation from the Adjt, but most people at that stage just want to get on with it and get out on ops.

    Second, the Adjt gets a list from Bde that needs filling. He usually has to put names to spaces, along with penalty statements. The lucky are chosen.

    Third, the Operational Commitments Establishment (OCE) is a list of all "supernumary operational appointments". Most of these are staff appointments, so out of your league at present.
  3. Fair enough, I guess I'll just have to wait my turn. Cheers mate.
  4. Brandt as a hopefull future officer would you please elaborate on your expierence of backfilling, as I feel it would be beneficial.

    Thanks in advance

  5. It will probably depend on the length of time left to serve in theatre when you pass out. If there's 3 weeks left of the tour, I'd assume you'll be placed with the rear party in Turn Hill. I know there's a few young fresh faces there currently (although I think they are waiting for a plane atm).

    Good luck with your CIC :)
  6. Not too much to say really. My Bn had just got back from an op tour when I joined them. I went off to another Bn (with a multiple) and did an op tour with them. I think it was good for two reasons: first, it added to my general military experience (pretty essential for a good inf commander) and second, it let me look at another unit and they way they did business, good and bad. It is also pretty good for your own self esteem- having been tested in unfamiliar surroudings.

    Being a good inf commander is all about experience. Better you gain as much of it as possible, as early as possible, rather than finding yourself as an inexperienced Coy Comd.
  7. Cheers, look forward to working with you mate.