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Backdoor RMAS entry?

I need help settling an argument. My antagonist is claiming that it is possible to gain a place at RMAS via an 'alternative route'.

Basically, he is saying that as oppose to PreRCB - RCB - RMAS it is possible to do TCB and then TACC from which you can then apply for a place at RMAS without having to do RCB?

This sounds acceptable (but not sure if true?) as the standards should be at least similar (if not in favour of the TACC graduate).

However, the crux of the argument comes when the individual has failed RCB (either first time with no invite to come back or on the second attempt). Now, should this individual be lucky enough to find a TCB sponsor and then eventually gain a TA Commission - are they allowed to apply for entry to RMAS?

My friend says yes (using the standards argument) but I say no because it doesn't sound right. Besides, I'm sure that it would be quite a common route to attempt for RCB failures and more would have been heard about it?

Those in the know, please settle it either way...
Maybe they are talking about PQO's which I believe is a Commissioning Board and 2xtwo camps at RMAS. Its for Nurses, Docs, Padres and IT specialists
yes, there is now an exemption board for TA officers wishing to attend regular RMAS. It would be a bit silly if a commissioned officer had to attend RCB to see if he was fit to be an officer now wouldn't it? The board sits on the basis of your TACC report/ TCB report and your previous OJARs.

The TA commissioning process is very long and labourious, it is not a back door route to anything.
Sorry SPS, I wasn't trying to belittle the TACC system - I'm aware of the work required to complete and have a healthy respect for those that do.

My question was an academic one based on the debate of whether an RCB failure could gain a place at RMAS by going through the TACC system? Your response implies that this is correct (dependent on your report) but I would like a definitive answer (beers are in the balance!)
Yes it is technically possible, anyone who is commissioned in the TA can apply to the exemption board. Each case is considered upon its merits. So can an RCB failure who is commissioned in the TA be allowed onto Regular CC at RMAS? Technically yes but this would depend on the grounds for his failure and what he has done since. I would suggest that if an RCB decision was overturned in this manner then it would reflect more on the failings of RCB than a lower standard or backdoor route through a TA commission.
YES THE RULES HAVE CHANGED. A TAMB pass and TACC pass now count as an RCB pass. Personally however, I'd go for another three testing days rather than many months of training and three testing weeks. However, the fact that you have to pass TAMB and the TACC is just ammo for all ARABs everywhere. The new TA commissioning system was meant to be on a premise of a Commissioning Board, hence moving all to Westbury. However I agree with a number of posters. The idea that a TA officer is untrainable as an officer is patently ridiculous, and unless said individual had no fibre whatsoever it would be an immense failing of the system if someone were allowed to fail TACC as 'untrainable' after cutting the mustard at TACC. As Obidos points out, the TACC graduate must be at least as good as a good quality RCB pass. However, the real down side to the TACC route is if DS decide to prove you are not of that standard, in which case you could get a lock on that even Goose and Maverick couldn't shake off.
Wait until June, the AOSB website will be launched and answer all this for you. Basically AOSB (Reg) or AOSB (TA) can be swapped by applying to the AOSB Transfer Board. If they approve the inidividual will not have to sit either AOSB (Reg) or AOSB (TA).

AOSB (Reg) to (TA) e.g. Member of the UOTC passed AOSB (Reg) and now wants to become a TA Officer while at university, papers go to the transfer board.

AOSB (TA) to (Reg) e.g. TA Officer decides a regular career is for them, their papers go to the Transfer Board.

NB: AOSB = Army Officer Selection Board


The reality is that standards on the Regular and TA boards are very similar (if not the same) and I would think it highly unlikely that anyone who had failed RCB would sail through the TA version - and indeed vice versa. I suppose it is just about possible that someone who had had their two attempts at RCB could subsequently pass the TA version and make it to RMAS but this was always possible (though unlikely) anyway via commissioning through the ranks.


I was under the impression that you only had two attempts at commissioning, regardless of whether it was through the TA, regs, or coming from the ranks.
On a slightly different topic, is it possible for a TA officer (one tour under their belt) to be granted a regular commission in a completely different arm (currently combat support moving to combat) WITHOUT attending reg RMAS? Have heard someone saying this is happening to them but doesn't sound right to me.
[/quote]On a slightly different topic, is it possible for a TA officer (one tour under their belt) to be granted a regular commission in a completely different arm (currently combat support moving to combat) WITHOUT attending reg RMAS? Have heard someone saying this is happening to them but doesn't sound right to me.
CD yes this is possible I know of two exceptions who have passed through this. The reason given for the first I am not sure, but they have gone on to prove themself as more than capable and are destined for high places. The second had a distinguished tour, with an exceptional operational insert signed off by people in high places. They have been recently granted a full regular commission without RMAS
Like all hard and fast systems there are always exceptions. For example there were some who went TA, did a tour, went RIRISH (HS) and thence into Reg. service. It is amazing what a thorough study of QRs and DCIs can reveal!! The exceptions are exactly that though...

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