Backdated Incidentals Claims?

Discussion in 'Army Pay, Claims & JPA' started by MrBane, Nov 21, 2008.

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  1. MrBane

    MrBane LE Moderator Reviewer Reviews Editor

    What's this malarky I hear about via the Duty Rumour chain that apparently you can claim back Incidentals for the past 2/6 years (Depends what rumour you hear) as long as you have either the joining instructions for that period or better yet, that you have the course on your Competencies?

    Can anyone shed any light on this, for I am about to hammer JPA and would at least like to have 'The ARRSERs told me to do it!' in my defence should I be wrong. :)
  2. You cannot go back before JPA inception, Apr 07, it must be put through as a Legacy Claim through your JPA Tiger Team, via your Bde, your HR will know what to do, the JSP states that allowances can be back claimed up to 6 years, not sure on the 2 year thing.

    The RAF, incidently, have given units a facility for HR Admin (3 for a minor unit, 5 for major unit) to go back to Apr 06, no such luck for us though.

  3. You also have to prove, by checking through your unit at the time's imprest account, that you have not claimed this already and get that unit's budget manager approval.

    We have one SNCO who has jumped through these hoops and will submit his claims on an F016 and we will pay him through the imprest.

    Do remember however that pre JPA it was PIE/MIE @£1.50 for up to 30 nights, therefore do not put any claims into JPA pre Apr 07 as that would be fraudulent and your RAO will set the SIB on you!
  4. Send me his name and I'll arrange a "little chat" for him. Of course if he is a chum of your's ask him to tell his RAO he made a mistake and request the money is reclaimed that will stop any disciplinary come backs.

    Claims picked up by JPA for audit are done by your unit auditor but many of us routinely trawl through claims records and pick out other dodgy ones for audit.

    Before JPA MIE/PIE was claimed in a 1771.
  5. Just a couple of points on the above.

    Pre JPA claims are done on the legacy spreadsheet but they have nothing to do with the Tiger Team who deal with post JPA issues.

    I think you've got your information about the RAF a little mixed up. JPA only allows clerks to go back 9 months within the move and track screen at the moment which is where LOA, LSA etc is recorded. That's Tri service as far as i'm aware. there is talk taht it may be extended to 12 months, until then anything over 9 months old but post JPA goes to the Tiger Team via Bde.

    The RAF went onto JPA in Apr 2006 as apposed to us in Apr 2007 so being able to go back before Apr 07 on JPA wouldn't really be any help as there's nothing on there for us!

    As for the 5 major, 3 minor what you are talking about here is the list that is held in Glasgow (Army), Innsworth (RAF), ? (Navy) of personnel who have the authority to raise 3rd party iSupports.

    Hope this helps.
  6. I have indeed got myself completely mixed up, that will teach me not to post on here after a night on the ming, I stand corrected, specialist access for the 3 and 5 is to be able to raise I Supports on behalf of an individual, and yes, the RAF can go back to their inception date Apr 06, clearly not before DOH.

    The legacy spreadsheet is more of a form now than a spreadsheet.