Backberry on normal data plan?

Discussion in 'Mobile Phones' started by Ex_Pompadour, Jan 21, 2011.

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  1. Hi.

    I wonder if anyone can give me some information about Blackberry phones?

    I've got a Blackberry 9000 Bold phone which has been sitting in a desk drawer for a year. I wanted to get it working again.

    I can get a very cheap deal on a Nokia phone with a 500mb data allowance included. I wondered if I could put the simcard into the Blackberry and be able to use the email and browser. Or will it only work with a Blackberry dataplan?

    Thanks for any advice.
  2. Blackberry requires a subscription to either a BES (Business Exchange Server, something the big boys play with) or BIS (Blackberry Internet Services) which is the more common method for consumers, so for email and browser you would need BIS, about £5 a month. For browser only you should be able to get it without the subscription as long as your set-up correctly.
  3. Thanks.

    Do I get BIS from Blackberry or from my phone network?
  4. You get the BIS subscription from your phone provider
  5. Thanks again.
  6. Beware! BIS, the out of the box configuration of the BlackBerry, allows you to send and receive email but it won't synchronize your data with exchange. Delete a received email on your BlackBerry and you'll need to delete it again in Outlook. Schedule an appointment on your laptop and you'll need a USB cable to get it on your BlackBerry.

    To get proper synchronisation, all you need is BES. And an extra 28 quid a month on top of what you're already paying to O2/Vodafone/Orange. Oh and whoever runs your Exchange server will need to shell out thousands for the special, BlackBerry software they need to talk to your phone. Oh and oh again, everything you send or receive goes through BlackBerry servers that could be anywhere in their evil empire.

    It's a ripoff and a lot of companies are dumping BlackBerry in favour of iPhone and Windows mobile, which do the synch thing out of the box and for free. BlackBerry also limit some of their features to folks who pay for BES. This includes email encryption. A niche requirement until you realise that you break the law every time you send an email containing any kind of personal data and it ends up on a BlackBerry server outside the UK.

    Take a tip from a BlackBerry user - get something else.
  7. Thanks for that Ancient_Mariner.

    I am out of contract with Vodafone, and have been offered the usual "free" upgrade, to re-sign. I had been considering a Blackberry!

    Think, I'll spread my research a little wider :-D