Backache While Running

Just got back from a 2.5 mile run and once again I've got backache, across my lower back. It normally starts after roughly 5 minitues of running. I've had a scan of runners world but their injury guide only gets up to the hips!

Does anyone have any idea why I'm getting this? I currently do quite a few press ups and sit ups daily and the odd gym session but these not seem to affect my back.

Any tips or pointers would be greatly appreciated.

Strengthen you core muscles up. I am no physio expert but a swiss ball and a bit of internet research could do you wonders.

Your "core" suppourts your back and allows the muscles to take the impact rather than you spine.

Hopefully someone will read this post and add some more detail.
get decent trainers such as uk gears pt-03s - trainers should be replaced every six months or so to get the max out of them as the cushioning does wear out . additionaly your stride pattern may be to short and sharp thus jarring your spine - try lengthing your stride and mix your running on and off road. if you ve never ever done running it ll take a while to build up the muscles that support your spine - recommend a good warm up and down.
You may have naturally poor posture, i no i used to get back ache because my lower spine arched backwards too much. Concentrate on bringing your hips n ass further to the front of your body to get a more upright position, try standing sideways on in a mirror. When running, the pressure on your lower spine will increase, making it ache.
Rusty, I get similar problems when I run more than about a mile or so on tarmac - trails/grass don't cause the same problems.

My problems started with overdoing training on the roads, and although I have had Physio to help, it's still a weak point.

I've bought new trainers and proper "running" socks (both of which help), but after taking advice, I am now trying to build up my runs using softer terrain, and alternating between hard and soft ground.

Have you looked at the running site? It's really good (nearly, but not quite, Arrse for runners!!) and they have a couple of tame Doctors who frequently contribute...

Being an older type person, i have had similar problems in the past so I had occassion to visit the physio and she noticed that i was walking not quite right and asked about my back and gave me a quick examination, massage and clicking everything back in place. She then gave me core building exercises and this has helped enormously. She also told me to get one of those magnet on the wrist things and pain is a lot less.
have you got DP?? DUCK ARRSE!! where yss bum sticks out , i do and it affects your lower back when running , if you do then , lots of streching of the back , go see a physio for a sech and advice on certain streches m8, ihad same prob , and thats how i combat it.

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