Back Waxing

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by mr.russell, Aug 12, 2008.

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  1. Is this an appropriate thing to partake in, on a first get together?

    Him waxing her, then the switch-a-round.

    As a mate of mine seems to think it was a perfectly normal thing to happen on this (so-called) 'date.' :?

  2. Trans-sane

    Trans-sane LE Book Reviewer

    Did you squeal like a girl?
  3. No, as it wasn't me.

    My back is smooth and pre-pubescent.
  4. She has a hairy back? 8O
    Is he sure she is a she??
  5. This is what he told me, that he had a 'waxing session'
    And he was real proud that this happened. :roll:

    I'm unsure if she has a hairy back or he waxed other parts.

    But god, I like the sound of a hairy woman.
  6. The topic of the thread is Back waxing, so I assumed you was talking hairy backs.... yuck!

  7. Bollox!!!!! Be a man and admit it was you!!! :D
  8. I swear it wasn't.

    There's no hairs on my back. I've only just begun to spot sprouters under my armpits 8O
  9. so you are a little boy then???
  10. Was it you and your bf?
  11. .... grow-back since your waxing session you mean?
  12. So during this "waxing session" (more prison slang?) did you manage a reach around,or just go for the Donkey Punch?
  13. Absolute sh1te. No woman would let a man "wax" her if she had a brain in her tiny head or even if she didn't.
  14. All seems a bit narcissistic to me, I wonder if "your mate" gets his g/f to try out her mascara on him. or he uses her hair straighteners.

    Sounds to me like they'll be playing with strap-ons before much longer. And we all know that once you get a taste for all that crafty butcher tomfoolery, it's a downward spiral into showbiz