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Before you all burst into uncontrolled laughter I must point out that I love my Mac.
That said I am a cheapskate and have bought my daughter a PC as an interim measure as her university halls said that the Mac service she would get would not be as good as that she would get from a PC.
Like a numpty I accepted this and bought a laptop for her.

What I want to do is replicate as closely as possible the TIME MACHINE capability of a Mac. That is the computer automatically backs itself up on a hard-drive, in my case a .5Tb seagate. Is there any software that will do this every day eventually dropping off the oldest ones as the disk fills.

Your advice would be greatly appreciated.



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Ahh great stuff I tried to back up my pc last week and after it munched through 7 cd's it refused to do it. I'll try the above links.
Assuming as it's a new laptop that it'll be running windows 7, why don't you just use the built in back up and restore function ? It works pretty good and will even allow you to take system images.
Thank you all. The system does have Back up and restore but I was told that it needed to be told each time. My Time machine backs up every hour and onto a usb hard drive.

If back up and restore will do this then I will set the machine to do it.

Again Cheers
CDs!! Dammit, man - this the 21st C. Get yerself an external Hard Drive. You can pick up a Seagate 2TB for under a ton.

Worth every penny.
ahh but you make an assumption that i'd know what to do with one if I had one - I don't.
:roll: Plug it in to a USB port*, and plug in its power supply. Wait (seconds) for your Win 7 Lappy to identify it as (just) another drive (it shows up as Drive F: on mine, and as Drive D: on my XP PC)

Tell your backup software to back up your chosen data to F: or D: (whatever your machine labels it as) as appropriate, with whatever frequency you require. Leave it running . . . . and LO! Robert-Is-Your-Mother's-Brother. No more fannying about with CD-Rs/DVD-Rs. Easy-peasy.
* Need any help with "What's a USB", or have you got that one covered? :wink:
It's not windows 7, does that matter? I know what a usb is - i'm not that bad.
USB 2 plug-in Hard Disk Drives (HDDs) work fine with Windows XP, and are perfick for routine backups (whatever backup tool you use):

I just hope you're not still running Win 98 (or 95, or 3.1, for that matter . . . :wink: )


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It's XP but i've no idea what the back up tool was I just searched on the computer. I'll look at buying one of those external hard drives - almost pay day.
It's XP but i've no idea what the back up tool was I just searched on the computer. I'll look at buying one of those external hard drives - almost pay day.
In the long run, it will be much cheaper than CDs, and a good deal more reliable. Plus, you won't have to stand there swapping CDs.

I'd recommend you look at one or other of the backup systems listed earlier in the thread: it sounds like you don't do backups the microsoft way, but more like you usually just make a second exact duplicate copy of your directories/files (no fancy compressing or imaging), but whatever your preference or degree of skills, I'm pretty sure that one or other freeby wll do the job at least as well as anything you could buy, and probably be simpler to use, too.

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