Back troops, says UK Iraq general

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by wheel, Dec 27, 2006.

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  1. From the BBC. Looks like the momentum is gathering from our Superiors at last.

    Back troops, says UK Iraq general

    Maj Gen Shirreff welcoming Tony Blair to Basra earlier this month
    The head of British forces in southern Iraq has called for national support for soldiers serving in the country.
    Major General Richard Shirreff told the BBC that issues such as underfunding must be addressed in order to maintain the quality of his force's work.

    He said: "The nation needs to support these men. The nation needs to support its Army."

    His comments came after an interviewer suggested many British soldiers in Iraq had complained of "running on empty".

    Maj Gen Shirreff said: "The nation needs to understand that the quality work done by these courageous men and women out here only happens and can only continue if these people, our soldiers, are properly supported back home in terms of the support for training, infrastructure, barracks, accommodation."

    "Some of these issues need solving," he said, and added: "Many of these issues are the result of a generation of underfunding and relative neglect".
  2. I've had BBC News 24 on in the background all forenoon. The interview is being repeated hourly. Should be seen and heard by many = bad press for HMG (though the General spread the blame across a generation).

    Posted on Rum Ration too.
  3. in_the_cheapseats

    in_the_cheapseats LE Moderator

    More senior officer noise about the state of the Forces. Good on the man.

    See Here
  4. The vultures are circling, and this one's serving (like Chief of Defence Staff).

    Time the public gave the forces the respect they deserve and a government gives the funding the forces deserve and so clearly need.

    One civvy who'll be voting for the most forces friendly party next election...
  5. So how does one fix "general malaise"?

    It's my feeling that one either has a natural empathy with the Armed Forces or one doesn't have any feelings for them at all. I'd suggest that very few people actually hate service personnel, they just don't think about them. It's my experience that an awful lot of people live in their own little bubbles, caring about their nearest and dearest and their own creature-comforts and aside watching the news, don't think about what goes on in the world unless it directly affects them.
  6. The "steadily rising" defence budget is only worth an extra £200m in real terms when looked at in 2000 prices.
  7. The termGeneral Malaise could be turned back easily on Senior officers - especially Generals who have been spectacular in their silence, some refer to it as loyalty, whilst serving.
    Shirreff is a good bloke, not afraid of standing up and being counted, and he is also a realist in realising that criticising anyone element will not effect anything.
    We need more like him prepared to put their opinion forward in public and say what they feel, rather than either say nothin or kowtow to the party line. The latter being almost cowardly
  8. Hear, hear. Strongly recommend a viewing of the interview. Also available over the internet from BBC news site - look for link on the story page, links already posted. BAFF is due to comment on Radio Five Live shortly after 1800.
  9. I don't think the general public knows what is going on in the Armed Forces..........where is there a serious newspaper with credibility on such issues, and BBC media - well there's no real Panorama or World In Action today.

    Thatcher wanted documentaries off the box because of critical coverage - now we have infotainment with no real exposure to the sharp end of government policy just the soap-suds machine at the rear-end.

    I did not know 64 German military personnel had been killed on overseas operations and 9.000 wounded......................but who broadcasts such stuff ? The media have a script on Iraq and use it to bash Bush and Blair and ignore the troops which they don't want to show as having been shafted by halfwit politicians lest it break the nice little black-and-white thinking they have tried to create to relive their youthful Vietnam protests.

    "Someone" should put up a 'Klagemauer' like the Germans have outside Cologne Cathedral - but do it online and post pics of barracks, details of crappy conditions and let the media take their feed there and mail the link to each MP in the H of C...............start an Email campaign to get journalists and MPs and PPCs interested.

    The Web is the way to go. Post ads on the site to sell Snatch Landrovers and buy those nice vehicles the Canadians have....................or ask why they have tanks and the British Army can't have them.
  10. I didn't know the Germans had taken that many casualties; do you have a link to any source/info?

    The media is black and white; mainly lowest common denominator. But surely it's about time the forces used the media, as you have suggested; but on an operational/serving level, rather than statements from the MoD, which, in general, seem slightly politicised
  11. Just reported on the 18:00 news on BBC Radio 4; where BAFF was mentioned.

    Now on Radio 5 Live!
  12. Just been on BBC TV news - also talking about ARRSE!!!
  13. Good on him.