Back troops or quit, hero tells PM

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by johnboyzzz, Sep 19, 2009.

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  1. DOn't know if this has been done, couldn't find anything.

    The SAS hero who is the father of a soldier killed in Afghanistan has urged Gordon Brown to give the troops the resources they need or "sack himself".
    Sgt Paul McAleese, 29, died on August 20 after being caught in a blast as he went to help a comrade who was fatally injured in an earlier explosion.

    His father John McAleese, who was involved in the dramatic raid that ended the 1980 siege on the Iranian Embassy in London, said his son had told him there were not enough troops to monitor areas cleared of explosives.

    Mr McAleese told the Sun newspaper that British troops were doing "an amazing job considering how under-manned they are", but said the Taliban simply planted more bombs when coalition troops headed back to base.

    He said the only way to prevent more deaths like his son's was to "swamp" areas with soldiers.

    Mr McAleese, 60, accused the Prime Minister of being "spineless," saying: "Top brass have repeatedly told Gordon Brown what they need, but he won't listen. The military must be allowed to get on with the job. If not, Brown should sack himself now."

    Mr McAleese, who said he was speaking out in an attempt to save lives, said politicians who visited Afghanistan only saw "safe" Camp Bastion. he said: "They have no idea what life is really like for these brave men."

    Sgt McAleese, who was born in Hereford, became a father himself just a week before his deployment to Afghanistan. His wife Jo gave birth to their son Charley.

    Despite his criticisms, Mr McAleese said British troops should stay in Afghanistan to finish the job, adding that it would be "a huge victory" for the enemy if Britain pulled out now.

    Sgt McAleese's father-in-law, Stephen Minter, wrote to the Prime Minister earlier this month to say that the family was "extremely angry" because his death had been "needless and avoidable".
  2. But Cyclops is deaf dumb and stupid
  3. I agree with Mr McAleese 110%
  4. and unable to control his bodily functions. How on earth can a pr!ck like that "run" a country.

    Go now Broon...................
  5. It never ceases to amaze me at how readily people like Brown and Blair will sacrifice the cream of this country's youth to merely pay lip service to a political end.
  6. CountryGal

    CountryGal LE Book Reviewer

    Gordon should get off his arse and spend a week on the front line with the troops, that way he'd actually understand what hes asking them to do, He prolly couldnt manage a day out there.
  7. Sadly, Brown and Co. will not listen and will just turn out the same old worn out drivel; how they are doing everything to support the troops, that it is the fault of the Wigs and they are still trying to sort out the mess from the last century...or two :roll: :evil:
  8. This disgraceful government should be totally ashamed of themselves and give our troops the extra man power and vital equipment they so rightly deserve.

    For families to lose their loved ones in such tragic circumstances is totally disgraceful

    It breaks your heart knowing this gentleman has wept repeatedly since his son's death.

    We are so sorry for the loss of you son Mr McAleese
  9. And it's not just the war, a day does not go by without these Fwits makeing a mega FUBAR
  10. Unfortunately the MOD Media Ops will soon spin out a contradiction.

    They will prove that troops have more helicopter hours (ie guys and equipment working longer and harder) more armoured vehicles are being deployed (from training pool), commanders have enough resources for current ops (because comds constrain scope of ops to match resources) troop motivation and morale remains high (despite government efforts not because of) recruiting remains bouyant (and economic climate is helping stem outflow). All troops are now being trained in CIED ( half hour lesson in basic training). It is a vital job which we must all back (without questioning political conduct of war) or be accused of treachory. We will support our allies (use them as much as possible) and sustain force levels (until after election when we will need to slash and burn budgets)

    It would be nice to see CDS step up and back the words and views of his past and present CGSs but with future of Typhoon and other aircraft programmes in balance, I suspect he will keep quiet.
  11. Hi Tropper, love the new sig.
  12. or some stealth tax being thought of
  13. Agree 100% - Well said John McAleese.
    RIP Sgt Paul McAleese.
  14. Bang on the money, however, a precis is available;

    War on the Cheap.
  15. he hasny a fucki** clue on what he is doing, stupid twat of a PM he sould go NOW. The man is a spinless swine that needs to think on what he is realy going to do ! Get him out and gget someone in that knows what to do in times like these !