Back to working dress!!!!!

Discussion in 'Royal Signals' started by Kopfkaser, Jan 24, 2005.

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  1. I recently tried to hand in my old denims, shirts and jumpers at the clothing store, only to be told that I could not. I informed the Civvy that my mate had handed his in only a week earlier, to be informed that the QM has been informing his staff that no further soldiers are to hand in their working dress as it is looking likely we will be returning to working dress in barracks as combat 95 is just to expensive and has very little working life!
    Can anyone shed any light on this or is it just balls? :roll:
  2. I have tried to do the same thing recently, in order to reduce my 1157 from 3 sheets to 2 and was told by the QM that the burden of C95 issues lent strongly to a return to barrack dress.

    Considering that we wear lots of badges on our uniform, which must be ripped off and then the uniform exchanged before posting, this concept of barrack dress does not surprise me.

    I too would like to hear if anyone else has had the same problem.

  3. Hmmmm....not entirely true.

    The issue is this: there isn't enough CS95 to issue exchanges for anything other than U/S kit. Some Regiments have decided that the best way to keep their soldiers looking smart and efficient in barracks; to ensure that they have sufficient kit available for ops and exercises; and to prevent vast amounts of 'buckshee' kit being spirited away; is to put their blokes into the old LW and Shirt OG.

    However, the vast majority of the A&SD have decided to keep their chaps in CS95, as it promotes martial spirit and operational focus - something I agree with in my humble ivory tower.

    So, if your mob are moving into LW and Shirt OG, it is your CO's decision, based on rather bizarre advice from the QM!
  4. Well it is a lovely shade of green........... :lol: I'd wear it but you'd have to put the map pocket back on..... at the end of the day its a uniform, Its free and if I fook it up I can exchange it. As long as its comfy, warm (love them jumpers.... 8) ) and practical......... (Don't lightweights have a habit of sticking to you when they burn :?: :?: :roll: )
  5. Don't set yourself on fire(OK go on then) :lol:
  6. Such rapier wit....... Only a one liner :?: Nothing else rattling your cage is their :?:
  7. No,All done, you can go now
  8. You would think that since 1995 the forces would have got the problem of stores sorted regarding the 95 issue, how long does it take to make sure the forces are equipped to exchange kit!!

    Come on guys its been 10Years pull your finger out ya penny pinching toe rags!!

  9. 8O Wont have it said........ I got 2 Diaries this year.... and the CC didnt even bat an eyelid.... :lol: :wink:

    But Why does the Army spend so much dosh on cr*p.. The Clerks office at our place looks like an advert for Staples Office Supplies... Why the need for Fountain Pens, Desk tidies, Guccified Staplers and the like?! (Especially when you cant prise a Clerk from the Pooter anyways.. Pens? PAH! Thats Sooo last decade...) It's not a case of em being penny pinchers, just that theyve got a whole load of Priorities totally wrong.
  10. I dont have anything to do with diaries, and i would have batted an eyelid! :wink: CC :)
  11. Yes please, can I have some of that stationary. If I want a pencil, I have to sign for it on hte basis that a pencil lasts for 3 months and a pen for 7 weeks (as long as I don't put it down and somebody pinches it as soon as my back is turned!!). Desk tidy mmm can I have one of those too, then I can start a bidding auction between the troops. Fountain Pen!! you lucky bleeder.
  12. :? Stationary !!! you get stationary from the army :?: !!!! I thought you had to buy your own at least thats what I have been doing all this time !!!

    PS What's wrong with fat clerks ?!!!!!! I thought that was part of the job requisite !! Are you sure there just not preggers ? Check ur sights !!
  13. metaphysical red pen is itching......

    Stationary = a fat clerk

    Stationery = what he writes with

    I believe the last post alluded to both of these :D
  14. I love the jumpers too - wore mine all day today as it's fooking freezing! :D
  15. Will the QM's have enough lightweights/denims (keep the really old crusties happy) to exchange all of mine from when I had a 28" waist now that it's a 34" one?? And before anyone tells me to do some extra fizz, take off 6" and 9 years, I still manage a young mans pass!

    Here's a thought and a link to another thread I remember cropping up - lets stop putting fcucking badges all over C95 and it might last longer.