Back to the Future?

Though an ex-Mess member it never occurred to me, to get a photo done in Mess Dress. Never thought about one for the kids for when they were older, nor about looking back on good old times, which they were.

Don't get me wrong, I aint vain, the daughters would have something to look at or my partner in future might like a photo. Even I might.

Course, the ex wife keeps any pictures of herself and me enjoying some bash in our best togs. Along with all my Berlin 1989-1991 photos, aerial pics, and unmentionable snaps of Eastie Beastie land (don't ask).Probably cut me out and framed herself I shouldn't wonder. We don't talk, so there's no chance of getting hold of any photos.

What do you think guys? visit my local MOD tailor to "borrow" the appropriate togs, and have a photo done for posterity? Anyone else "forgot" to be vain and walt-like for posterity? Oh and isn't this post a bit long winded, I'll have a word with meself ....

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