Back to the drawing board Ms. Kelly?

Discussion in 'Current Affairs, News and Analysis' started by PartTimePongo, Oct 16, 2006.

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  2. BuggerAll

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    The Government is 'twixt a rock and a hard place on this one. Whatever they (or anyone else) do or say in relation to Muslims is met with howls of rage from 'the community'. On the other hand the 'indigenous' population is getting sick of the antics of the Muslim 'community' and demanding that something be done.

    I've just seen a Muslim 'spokesperson' blame the root causes of Muslim extremism in the UK on poverty in the Muslim community but completly fail to accept that the higher rate of poverty in the UK among Muslims is:

    Partly self inflicted in that the failure of women to work drags down family income and the failure to integrate makes many Muslims unemployable.

    Partly becasue of the relativly large numbers of recent immigrants who are naturally at the bottom of the economic pile.

    And anyway poverty does not explain why much of the extremism is actually coming from those parts of the community that are better off - students etc.

    That is not to say that there are not issues out there. Casual racism is rife and has a very damaging 'drip drip' effect on the individuals. Even if the howling from the Muslim community is making matters worse.

    Whats to be done? I don't know, but I would like the Government to be more robust. The Muslim 'community', and others (George Galloway), have the be told that this is a free liberal tolerant society. On the whole we like things the way they are. Its a free country, if you don't like it you are free to leave.

    On the issue of the moment - the wearing of Hijabs/viels it should be explained that this is not the norm in this country and whilst one is free to wear a viel in public it may very well give offence. Further it should be explained that very few employers would tolerate thier employees wearing a mask, and very few businesses would allow entry to thier premises to anyone wearing a mask.
  3. Will we also be seeing the government introducing a robust immigration policy, together with appropriate funding for the Immigration Service, to remove illegal immigrants and failed asylum seekers, some of whom are responsible for spreading fundamentalism; will we see the government encouraging (or directing) the police to stop pandering to political correctness and arrest those who incite hatred and violence; and will we see the judiciary awarding deterrent sentences for such crime?

    No, I thought not...
  4. Always find the term 'Moslem community' an oddity? As if they're an English county all to themselves.

    I guess there's a question of identity. But I feel a Tebbit moment coming on...hang on...

    *yeesh nurse that injection hurts...*

  5. To quote Boomshacker:
    "Always find the term 'Moslem community' an oddity? As if they're an English county all to themselves."

    M8, they may well have their own county in a few years time. A part of Yorkshire, or Leicestershire maybe?
  6. They already have one established. The County of Banglatown in Brick Lane, East London!!

    Even the street signs are in Urdu or whatever other funny language they speak.
  7. The biggest message to get across in my opinion is that there is a huge difference between religious identity and freedom, and cultural identity and freedom.

    you are free to practice whatever religion you like, but our culture is established and should not be changed to accept minority groups - if you come to Britain then you accept that that is our culture and you embrace it.

    The Veil is NOT a religious issue - the Koran says only that women must dress modestly - it is a cultural issue.

    Similarily language, law, sexuality, sexual equality etc. are all matters of culture.

    This country has accepted and welcomed religious minorities with very few troubles since the resettlement of the jews in the 17th century - religion is a private issue of freedom and choice.

    Unfortunatley, we have tried to integrate racial and cultural identity into one thing, and it has caused massive problems - its time to get back on track and seperate the two things - you can be any religion you like, but your cultural norm is British.
  8. I must say regarding Jewish areas in London such as Stamford Hill & Golders Green. You never hear a peep out of them, very clean quite people. At least they dont scream at the local councils they want their street signs in Hebrew!.