Back to the 90s - Oasis Vs Blur

Discussion in 'Films, Music and All Things Artsy' started by zubrzycki, Oct 17, 2008.

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  1. Blur

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  2. Oasis

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  1. I always wanted to know people's preference on Oasis and Blur (in the 90's not now) and so i will kick off a pop battle.

    I preferred Blur at the time, partially becuase i think that the gallagher brothers are a pair of nonce loving ******* who are full of their own shit, but mostly because Blurs music was more up beat and less depressing.

    who did you prefer?
  2. Blur was for student fannies and Damon Alburn was and is just a mockney posh boy giving it the big geezer act. Liam is a c0ck Noel less so but they were by far the better band
  3. What difference does it make - you are at work - get working!!
  4. i can multi task

    Your bestess buddy in WD
  6. Oasis any day of the week, yes liam is a cock and the pair of em' are arogant b@stards but thats what makes Oasis who they are. not forgetting they're simply portraying the English as they in fact 'are'. Ageed blur were good, but thats exactly my point. Were. they didnt stand the test of time now did they?
  7. Neither. They're both shight.
  8. as above: who were better in the 90's? and besides, Oasis have been shite ever since the year 2000 reared its head
  9. In the 90's, still think OAsis had the edge, tracks like champagne super nova and go let it out will always be classics in my opinion, i do like Oasis but i agree that alot of there material is slightly depressing.
  10. Blur = mockney fools

    Oasis = superblue mancs!

    'nuff said....
  12. Oasis, , 1 of their roadies got me and 2 other lads into a sell out concert gratis frei back in 95 at Bielefeld good concert as well!
  13. Oasis........but only as I think that they peaked with their first album (which was amazing) and although whats the story was a very good album, what they had in their debut was never regained or bettered.

    Blur (apart from a couple of good songs) generallly shite. Noel and Liam are twats but Damon Albarn is just a pretentious git with equally inflated ego as Noel G.

  14. OH I don't know this song is definitely their best so far
  15. LINKY sorry shag but this is better..

    Blur were shite and always will be