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Has any one done a bit of time and returned to SA for good ? How have you found it ?

I am returning in Nov to start a business..............................
Howzit mate,

I did a while and am in the process of going back, Mozambique actually, no point in heading home to Zim , that place is screwed.

Its all good mate, people are great and very very welcomming, always interested to hear news of adventures.

The hardest thing I have found is the process of dealing with comms and the likes, my best advice no matter what you do is get yourself signed up with Skype if you havent already!
What takes a day to organise here takes months there, tried to get a phone line in Randburg installed the other day and its a min of 8 week wait , then they will come and do an inspection! Then they will take it from there.

Make a plan dude and take the bull by the horns!!
What are you setting up? I am doing Fishing Safaris with my boet and by its a hard process to get through, but its all down to perserveerance!

Good luck.



I wouldnt start a business in SA especially now with the likes of a Zuma goverment lurking around. I would look at places such as Swaziland or Botswana. I have heard of a lot that have done that ( especially the Botswana route ) and are doing very well. Another thingis Bots dont have any BEE and such kak.


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