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Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Hedphelym, Feb 6, 2009.

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  1. I should hopefully be granted permission from my doctor to return to work and the TA this week after an injury I sustained during CIC in November.
    Unfortunately, the next CIC is at the end of March, which is past the allocated six month period given to do CIC since I passed phase one.
    This means I have to go back to RTC for a weekend, but having asked around at my unit, nobody seems to be aware what I actually have to do there.

    I've been told various things: One is that it's an "assessment" weekend I have to complete, where I have to pass a WHT, PFT and CFT.

    And another is that it's a matter of re-taking a certain weekend, weekend six to be precise. Which seems strange to me, as from the training syllabus for my RTC for that weekend, it's basically a field exercise.

    So I'm just appealing to anyone who has been in a similar situation, and what they ended up doing back at RTC?
    Many thanks.
  2. Weekend 7 is the field exercise. Weekend 6 is when you do the weapon handling test and such things. :)
  3. Each RTC delivers CMSR in slightly different order - which RTC do you attend?
    The key here is that a) Your 1A&B qual lasts for 6 months & b) within 8 weeks of attending ITC you have to have passed your ISA's - WHT, RRR, BCDT, CBRN, MR
    If you fall out of the 6 month rule - its start 1B agin I'm afraid
  4. My bold - isn't it the case that you have to repeat all of 1A and 1B, ie six weekends, again?

    I fell outside the six months and this ridiculous rule is forcing me to endure all six again.
  5. Depends on the Brigade - some RTC's only do 1B others do both and some have "mixed" the weekends up for facility/training/interest reasons
  6. As Greenbadger has stated, the reassessment is purely to keep you up to date with your ISA's (Interim Standard Assessments). You need to have completed this within the eight weeks prior to attending ITC or wherever the Corps chaps and chapesses end up (Grantham etc). After the reassessment you have another eight weeks to get yourself on the relevant course, if not then you need to revisit the whole training package again.
    This is not the ruling of the RTC's by the way, rather the mystical powers that be, that live in a far away place called Land.
    We know this is a complete nause for the individual concerned, but I guess the idea is that after 6 months you have experienced a great deal of skills fade (and technically speaking should not be taking part with the Sqn/Coy trg, as you are not yet a trained soldier - now, this ruling is obvisouly viewed with a certain amount of disdain by many units!). I can only think of two individuals who have had to go through this at our place.
  7. These don't make recruits like me feel any better, so I'm repeating all six weekends when some get away with not doing so? Great!

    I'm litterally packing up my stuff now for weekend 1 (again) and I am pretty sure that my 'skills fade' is minimal. As I've stated on another post if a recruit is being constantly tested on repeats of test weekend surely that should satisfy the powers that be that he/she stands as much chance of passing CMSR or CIC as any other recruit without wasting their time or the Army's money on getting them to sit through repeats of lectures of badges of rank etc

    'Scuse the rant but I'm seriously hacked off about repeating all six and might quit before the end like I know several others have done (any retention problems with TA recruits at the moment?)
  8. i have a similar predicament, its a repeat of weekend 6 as this is the testing weekend of which INF and other arms are combined, and is done so to say time
  9. Yeah, I understand how you feel. My main gripe at the moment is that the guys from my unit, who I class as good friends now, that managed to complete the CIC I was on are now going on Herrick 11 and starting PDT very soon. I too was hoping to do this, and beacuse of this injury and the fact there is no CIC sooner than March now means I can't get on Herrick 11. And although I understand there will be many Herricks to come, it's getting to me I'm not going out there with them. Just doesn't feel right somehow.

    But, don't lose heart mate. My motivation has also taken a pretty deep hit, however just remember what you originally joined the TA for and why. That's what I'll keep in my head.