Back to masculinity.....

Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by Cavalier, Jun 30, 2006.

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  1. Boobs

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  2. Bum

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  3. Legs

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  4. All of the above

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  5. None - I'm gay now fcuk off!

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  1. Seeing as this forum seems to be heading in to the realms of the dark side, with all this talk of other men's minerals, eye-brow plucking and chocolate fingers, I think it's time to discuss something more......manly (and what better way than another annoying poll?)

    Admittidly fit women in greens, are few and far between (unless perhaps you're in the green slime or monkey's).

    I used to be a fan of legs, but now can't get enough of all of the above, and if one doesn't make the cut, (and I'm sober) I'll opt for a tommy tank instead - issues!!!

    But what flicks your switch?
  2. I like a nice firm arse and tidy legs on a women followed ideally by a medium to small set of norks A-C cup will surfice, however i hate big ol' nipples, you all know the sort "Burger Nipples"

    Oh and glasses, Fu#k me i cant resist a women in a set of sexy secretary type specs :p
  3. God yeah, nothing worse than peeling off a bra (one handed coz you're a pro!!) to find a set of baseplates the size of hubcaps!
  4. Are you talking about the ones where it looks like they're wearing pinkish brown saucers on their tits?

    If so I'm with you there, horrible and terribly disappointing!
  5. Legs that, in true hollwood style, you can follow from heel to snatch in one long, slow and achingly obvious sweep with your naughty goggles.


    Excuse me...
  6. Thems the badger, i like a nice little set that you could poke your eyes out with or cut glass, mmmmmmm
  7. [​IMG]

    Hmmm, Ana Hickman - who has the longest legs in the world (apparently!) - Or at least, all other candidates were too butters for the Guiness Book of World Records :?
  8. Has no-one considered 'personality'? Are we ALL that shallow!
  9. 'personality' as a singlie all i used to look for in a "doris" was a pulse & that at times was optional. :) :) :) :)
  10. By personality, do you mean if they cook breakfast in the morning? :?
  11. What personality?? so long as she keeps bending over and biting the pillow while i kick her back doors in, that's plenty of personality for me....

    :twisted: :twisted: :twisted:
  12. Mine! MINE!!!
  13. Good old j!zz goggles, you can't beat them!

    Keeley from page 3 seems to be the complete package


    What an image that conjures up.
  14. Apparently I like fat dumpy ginger birds mainly, with the occasional black, Asian, brunette, American woman officer and partially crippled bird thrown in...they should it seems have apparently quite big norks which turn out to be some sort of insulating material for underarms when they lie down. If they aren't coated head to foot in pubic hair then they will usually have another endocrinological random card to play. Any Australian ones will turn out to be insane and take me for a walk in the outback without a map, though luckily I will have a pocket Garmin. They should also be experiencing insipient paranoia/schizophrenia which sleeping with me will then trigger.

    Or whores...

    and the wife who is Irish and therefore beautiful...not ginger but auburn! 34DD, 5'4" with the same inside leg as Cuddles - 35".....back off this Beretta is loaded.
  15. could have sworn her legs were shorter than mine. It's hard to tell when they hanging over your shoulders....