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After 20 years living abroad post discharge, we (family) have decided to return to the UK. We are looking to settle on the South coast , not too particular (like Dorset). I have not been back in the UK since '01, so would like a little advice with reference to nursing agencies, best locations, locations close to TA Med units. I am a CCRN, been working ICU for the last few years, and also do lifeflight fixed and rotary in the far North. Any advice would be more than appreciated. Thanks!

NB. yes I have Googled various sites/agencies and sent a few apps. off, but first hand knowledge is always superior than that spewed from a recruiter (just as true today as it was in 1980)
Mountain_Boy said:
Are you mad?

UK is about to be hammered by the new coalition government, wherever you are stay put!!
No mate, we are overrun with PC fuckwits making life impossible. We have an Australian hatchet man imported to break the nurses, reduce scope of practice to that of a glorified nursing aid (no disrespect to nurses aids, you all do a stellar job, but I did not spend 60,000 dollars on tuition to wipe arrses, although I do enjoy that part of the job!). Last year we had a severe shortage of nurses, I mean huge shortage, this year we have a surplus. I guesss one way to deal with shortages is to close beds? No, sometimes mate the grass is not always greener, it all depends what you want from life.
Just spent a rather amusing 30 minutes on the phone with the NMC, seems that I will need to sit an "English as a Second Language Exam", yet Johnny Froglegs, who does not speak anything other than a rather rare and archaic form of cheese gargling french, with no English whatsoever does not. This does confirm my growing suspicion that all RN governance bodies are just a complete waste of time and money, and that war must be declared on europe asap!

FYI, I am a citizen of Britain, born in Britain educated to post secondary in Britain, served my 10 with, yes you have guessed it, the British Army. Mind, I was baptized in Newcastle, perhaps they think I am a Geordie? in that case I could understand it.

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