"Back" to Biking: how, and on what bike?

Discussion in 'Cars, Bikes 'n AFVs' started by giftedamateur, Aug 22, 2009.

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  1. I aquired my A license 6 years ago and haven't ridden a motorbike since.

    I am thinking about getting a 600ish sports tourer with a £2-3 grand budget. I wouldn't mind not falling off it.

    Anybody got any views on which make model to go for and the best way to get back into it saf(er)ley?

    It wouldnt be for regular communting, more of a play thing really.

  2. Get a Suzuki SV 650 or a honda hornet 600.
  3. Insurance might be tricky.

    I know its a childish response ...but I'm bored
  4. It really depends what you want to do on the bike? Commute, Weekend blasts, tour the world!!!

    I would suggest that as you have not ridden a bike since you passed you rtest go to you rlocal bike trainer and get a refresher! This will get you used to a bike again, at the same time talk to those at the trg centre about their bikes and ask for recommendations. All the time making a point to visit as many showrooms as possible sitting on the bike you like!

    I passsed my test and went straight out and bought a Bandit 600 and have loved it ever since looking to trade up to a BMW now.
    Any way good luck and stay rubber side up!!
  5. The Suzuki SV650 is a very good little bike, cheap for the older ones and reliable.

    Another bike that is far better than its price suggests is the Kawasaki Versys,I bought one of these to use as a commuter bike instead of my bmw gs.I actually enjoyed riding it more than the GS on short trips as it was a really fun bike.


    650cc twin....but it feels like a bigger bike due to the very sweetly setup engine.

    Riding position is similar to the BMW GS/supermoto style....quite high seat though 840mm.

    Good tank range, about 200 miles plus when out playing.

    No faults I can think of, it was just a pleasure to ride.

    just over £4000 brand new!

    Have a look at some of the Adventure bikes....I have always had sportsbikes/streetfighters until I bought an old BMW F650 PD,So much more enjoyable and practical that I have stayed with the Dual Purpose/Adventure style bikes ever since.
  6. GSXF are a decent alround starter
  7. Don't bother getting an SV650. In 3 months time you'll be bored of it.
    Hornet or an older CBR is a good bet. Being Honda, they will look better after a knock or two due to there build quality.
    Dont bother with a bike shop as most have newer bikes in.
    Have a look at Motorcyclenews online or the newspaper (out on wednesdays) and read the review.
    Also, you could take your licence to a bike shop and have a go on a demonstrator or a second hand bike that you like. It costs nothing and they even supply the fuel. Normally let you have the bike for an hour too!
  8. Go for a GSXR600.

    The sprog's will love you!
  9. Hello giftedamateur,

    try a Yamaha 600 Fazer,the old steel framed ones with the Thundercat engine.
    I briefly had the pleasure of swapping my rather sportier steed for one about ten years ago.
    It vastly exceeded my admittedly low expectations,a pleasure to ride and plenty quick enough to keep up with sports bikes on the road.
    A good bike for a novice as well as a good all rounder.
    These days they are cheap too:


    Look for a 2000 or later bike,they had a better seat and some other upgrades over the earlier Fazers.

    This one is right in the middle of your budget:


  10. i thought it was rubber side down shiney side up
  11. Triumph

    Daytona 600/650
    Speed 4

    Honda as mentioned - CBR 600

    May be look at the F series of BMW.
    800cc parallel twins , may be a bit over budget

    Doing a refresher is a good idea though.
    Have you got all the protective clothing? need to budget for those monkeys and parrots too. And insurance.
  12. I think Ayrforce1 has got it spot on.

    Think what you want to use the bike for, and then get a refresher. (You will not be treated like a plonker, trust me)

    Sound advice.
  13. thanks all.
  14. Check out your local Harley dealership.
  15. Giftedamateur

    Check your PM's