Back to Barrack Dress?

Discussion in 'Weapons, Equipment & Rations' started by peanut_head, Sep 14, 2007.

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  1. It was recently divulged in my clothing store that Barrack Dress may be on its way back in. Can anybody shed any light on whether or not this is the case. If so, is this common knowledge?
  2. Possibly. One of our sub-units was trialling some about a year ago. Theywer the same colour as No 2 Dress trousers.
  3. Our QM states that is coming back for all desk jockeys and shiney arrses
  4. Been back for several years. Shirts are of course the same but trousers are like the old lightweights negative the side pockets.

    The choice to wear it seems to be down to local command.
  5. I remember reading something about it last year saying it was due to be reintroduced across the Army from Aug 07 onwards.... cheaper and probably better than walking around in CS95 with your balls hanging out of a threadbare crotch, well at least for the arse jockeys like myself
  6. :? Freudian slip on a Friday?? :p
  7. This has been banded about for years. Fcuk all wrong with CS95, it's cheap, cheerful and lets you hide in the bushes whilst doing outside areas....
  8. Well, the argument is that it ain't cheap, and the more you wear it the more it's IR suppressant qualities etc erode. Much better to use Barrack Dress which doesn't need all the wear resistance and IR suppressant properties of CS95, and is therefore much cheaper. Otherwise you wear out you CS95 just sitting at a desk, rather than where it's designed for.

    Barrack Dress has been worn around Northwood my some elements for a couple of years now.
  9. OK i get bringing it back for all shiny arses however what about the 80% of us that do actually work for a living???
  10. You mugs can keep wearing CS95 then! :wink:
  11. The Army Dress Committee decided that we really all want to wear barrack dress so we look 'smart'. They demanded a redesign of the current kit and the plan is to issue one set of trousers which look like No2 dress trs but are lightweight, machine washable, non-iron (I know...I'm just giving the party line). They will be accompanied by 5 (yes 5 shirts, 2 short sleeve and 3 long) and a jumper. This is all part of the FAD (Future Army Dress) which includes new all ranks No2 dress. Black shoes all round

    Needless to say there is a big bun fight as to who will pay. Although the maintenance is cost neutral the initial issue is a hefty wad of cash that the FLC don't really want to pay..... some feeble excuse about on going ops...rather spend the money on the troops etc.

    The idea is that we will all wear the stuff and put Combat kit away until war or trg (which is all the time). A classic case of not learning from demise of lightweights etc when CS95 came in. I suppose that spending millions on non-op kit seems like a good idea in the confines of the ADC. Putting money into housing trg or ops may have gained more buy in. Nevertheless is on its way and no doubt the money will be extracted under duress from Land.
  12. Is there any update on the FAD (if that's what it is actually called)?

  13. One of the main reason's was that when we go on OPS, we are not aggresive, this is apparently because we live in Combats. Physcologically they say that we need to get all war faced when donning the combats
  14. That's alright then my war face is my avatar!
  15. You must have your percentages the wrong way round. Have you seen the size of the AGC?