Back to back tours?

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by Carlos_spiceyweiner, Jan 1, 2011.

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  1. Wondering wether anyone can help me on here? I' m wondering wether its possible to do back to back tours, and if anyones done them in the past could give me any advice on how to go about getting on them. Thanks.
  2. Yes it is possible. Ask your chain of command
  3. msr

    msr LE

    Very unlikely and highly dependent on the role.

    Speak to SO3 Manning and Reserves in theatre.

  4. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    I know a fair number of people that have, but that seems to have become a thing of the past.
  5. best bet is to speak to the SO3 manning and reserve whist in theretre. although i think you'll do extension of tour rather than a back to back. if you have an easy job in bastion/kaf then treat yourself. however extending in an inf role job, living out of a pb. negative!
  6. there was a fiddle going on with some clever TA types in Iraq, volunteered for a six month tour, made sure they took the earliest R and R package, got back volunteered to stay out in theatre, and when the next guys came out they asked for the late r and r package. No one figured it out till later. They qualified for tax free exemption. They made sure that they were out for three months clear before roulement volunteer to stay out and made sure they did not go back to uk for three months so they qualified for the six month period out of country. Quite a few did this and were found out, they were posted straight out of theatre and the rules were seriously tightened.

    Because of this back to back working loophole lot of TA were turned down, I dont know if the rules carried over to Afghan but be prepared. I had a lot of TA in my troop and they were bloody good. Lost a few back to Chilwell because of a lot of fiddling going on.

    edit listen to Peter Skellern above if inf role go home, you need the break,
  7. If you are deployed in theatre then you have sod all chance to do back to back / extend!! It will not happen as Glasgow will end of tour you on the orignal date. If not deployed but in a rear party type of role then its possible but it is hard work again to get Glasgow to accept the extension with a lot of hoop jumping etc.

  8. msr

    msr LE

    See the MS Reserves Newsletter dated Sept 2010 on armynet.

    Short answer: No, you can't.
  9. There is also an 18 month mandated timeline between tours, it comes down to nights out of bed that units are allowed.
  10. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer

    The newsletter mentioned by msr above says:

    My bold & underlined; that sentence refers to the newly amended sections to RFA 96 (listed in footnote b) which allowed a reservist to volunteer to mobilise again within the 3 year window from his/her last tour. The newsletter expresses the guidance (and that is all it is) that even though he/she can now volunteer again straight away, the reservist's CO has a duty of care to ensure that they are rested between tours and it would be a very rare CO who would ignore that guideline I'm guessing.

    As for extending whilst mobilised. This happens to increasing degree (in the Infantry at least) because of the extra time needed to be spent with the Regular battalion in pre-deployment/mission specific training. Many of us extended our enlistments so as to finish our tours with our Regular comrades which added up to an extra couple of months. Note that any extension will note carry employment protection which is why most did not extend.

    As for extending enough to do the next tour, in theory whilst the mechanism to do this still exists and has happened in the past, as mentioned above the current policy is to avoid this.


  11. Interested in the section that I've marked in bold above, I'd like to know more if you don't mind detailing. I've not mobilised before but will be. PM me if neccessary.
  12. Yeah as a Driver to Cyprus
  13. Is that why you're so eager to do a driving cadre? I probably can't go to Cyprus mate as I'm Inf cap badge, but you could get out there by going with your old unit ;)
  14. RP578

    RP578 LE Book Reviewer


    When you are mobilised under the current provision, it is for a period of no more than 12 months. This 12 months has got to include your pre-deployment or Mission Specific Training (MST) with your Regular unit, your Post-Operational Tour Leave (POTL), your annual leave accumulated whilst serving with the Regs, as well as the tour itself.

    Both the POTL and Annual Leave are fixed rate* (see below). That leaves the MST which can run to around 3-4 months or the tour itself which for the unit is about 6-7months. Traditionally, and this may still work with support units, the augmentees were mobilised only early enough into the MST as to allow the whole tour to be completed and enough time for the POTL and Annual Leave. However it has been recognised that intense and sustained close combat experienced by most Infantryman in Afghanistan requires as much pre-deployment training in mission specific skills, weapons (especially heavy weapons) training and physical fitness as is possible. Generally speaking, this probably applies even more so to mobilised reservists and recent intakes from CIC due to the inevitable skills gap.

    The received wisdom therefore is to mobilise early so as to include the TA augmentees in all the MST and have them leave theatre early. When this happened to us, we were asked if wanted to volunteer to extend and only a few of us actually did. I think the majority were not in a position to, as the voluntary extension would have have lost them their civilian-job protection. By the 5 month point we started getting in Battlefield Casualty Replacements (BCRs), Crow Bags who had just graduated depot and been posted in as well as lads in Battalion who had just turned 18 and joined us in theatre so numbers wise I think it evened out.

    * 2½ days leave for each month of permanent service with the allowance for
    part months calculated proportionately. After final calculation, any fractions
    will be rounded up to nearest full day.

    Any leave (other than R & R) taken during permanent service is to be
    deducted from the accrued annual entitlement.

    Any Bank Holidays falling during post tour leave are to be added to the overall

    R & R leave not taken during a period of permanent service will be lost and
    cannot be added to post tour leave.

    Personnel deployed overseas on operational service are entitled to 1 day Post Operational Tour Leave (POTL) for every 9 days deployed. The final eligibility total is rounded up to the nearest whole number. There is a ceiling of 40 days POTL.
  15. Are you sure about that? I was under the impression that any extension was "mandatory" and still carried all the necessary protections, though I stand to be corrected. At least that's what I recall from when I was extended. I stand to be corrected.

    Edited to add - having had a very brief look through the Reserve Forces (Safeguard of Employment) Act 1985 I can't see anything which negates its provisions if you are extended.