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Discussion in 'Infantry' started by Delta_Fire_Team, Sep 7, 2010.

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  1. ok, so some of us are sad, have no life and just love the whole infantry buisness... does anybody know if its possible to do back-to-back in Afghan? i know people did it when we were in iraq, but has anyone done it in Afghan recenty? and if so, how did you go about it?

    cheers guys.
  2. Not knowing your Regt/Corp/Arm etc I'd suggest speaking to your Adjt or equivalent,

    And I agree your sad
  3. I would be surprised if the chain of command would support it. You might have a shot if you are down for a job in Bastion or KAF but you have no chance if you are meant to be heading out to a PB.

  4. What he said. Yes you could get a job in Bastion or similar, I have known 2 people do it recently but very little chance of continuing in a FOB/ PB.
  5. You must be TA to be asking a question like that, I know of many augmentee's during Bosnia and Kosovo who did multiple back to back tours subsequently making a fortune. I agree with WHF, I can't see any CoC supporting this.
  6. I spent 18 months of my final 2 years on tour (Bosnia-Bosnia-Kosovo), Why anyone would want to do it voluntarily is anyones guess!!
  7. You think he is actually serving with a shit name like that?
  8. who me? ive been in 5 years n done 2 tours of iraq, so yeh EVEN with a name like that HE is ACTUALLY serving.
  9. In a word nope you cannot, the guidline set by the army is now 18 months between tours, we had blokes did it in Iraq but that practice has stopped to the extent of anyone who joins the unit and has not been back from ops for over a year then has to wait then join the unit, that was what the CO told me when i wanted to go in march.
  10. oh right ok. yh i remember people doing it in iraq, just wondered if they were still allowing it. thanks for the info dude.