Back to Back RMQ/CMCQ Course Dates

Discussion in 'Army Reserve' started by metplod, Oct 7, 2009.

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  1. Guys, Does anyone know if there is a back to back RMQ/CMCQ course that can take place of annual camp due to be held before the end of the training year?
    I think 160 may have held them in the past but I'm presently struggling to find out any info, so if anyone can point me in the right direction that would be a great help.
  2. Can you not do the courses (not back to back) and have them still count as a camp? Two weekends CMCQ and three RMQ I remember being told something during a social so the details are a little sketchy. Might be worth looking in to, or someone else may be able to correct or confirm?
  3. Apply for the Regs RMQ, 2 weeks and you cover coaching during the course!
  4. Which my SPSI offered me ages ago - couldn't get the time off work otherwise I would have bit his arm off!
  5. Not sure you can do the regular one if TA some courses you cant.

    Dont forget you need to be sub full screw at least to do RMQ too.
  6. I know I was offered the chance to do the course - same for AASAA but as they're all in one block and some stretching over two weeks, I've never been able to do them.

    Then again, this was over a year ago!
  7. I had an officer tell me the same thing a few years ago that training courses held over weekends could be counted towards annual camp but I've never tried this one out.
  8. 160 Bde RTC (Cardiff) are holding one 30 Oct - 14 Nov 09 - there are some places left!

    It is joint CMCQC/RMQ/DCCT held over 2 weeks, based in Cardiff but travelling up to SENTA and/or IBS Wales as/when required.

    Speak to your Trg Wg Cses Clk ASAP if interested

    Edited to add more info
  9. Sounds like quite the package! DCCT thrown in as well!