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Discussion in 'The NAAFI Bar' started by FredWest, Oct 7, 2011.

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  1. I'm now a gopping Civvy and unfortunately didn't have a second income, so I have to work.

    Now some of the people I work with, are more gopping Civvies than I, and I know this.

    There's the obligatory Gayer, who's Gayer than a Gay thing that's Gay on a Gay Day. Right pain in the Arrse and I just want to ram my fist into his head and cause major injury, then there's his fag hags, whom I ignore with great pleasure. However the one person I do get on with has been discovered to be a greater snake. I work alongside two women, one I can't stand, and the other, I thought was ok, and we get on quite well, They
    both share their Enterprise E-Mail vaults with me, but are not as technically able as I am, and upon looking for an E-Mail the Snake I hate had sent someone, I came across a few between her and the Gayer slagging me off, she also revealed to him some sensitive HR type information about me, which I'm quite annoyed about, however, not an issue, there day will come. What I am disappointed in is, the one I like(d) has revealed her true
    colours in an few E-Mails. Now what options do I have, what I really don't want to do is reveal that I have acess, as I know they've forgotten. Do I just keep laughing at their pathetic exchanges and keep the trails for future use or bang them all, and possibly get sacked.

    I know this is the NAAFI, and expect the usual abuse.


  2. Heard of surprise sex Fred?
  3. Take her in as a lodger, murderfuck her with your NHS gegged wife, then bury her in the garden.
  4. Rape her, rape him, then hang yourself you sheep's cunt.
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  5. UVBT.......
  6. Fred was a misunderstood, slightly backward gentleman whose only crime was to love his children too much.

    Rose on the other hand is a fat whore because she's female.

    RIP Fred.
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  7. Auld-Yin

    Auld-Yin LE Reviewer Book Reviewer Reviews Editor

    You could try something really radical, like working!!
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  8. Funnily enough, head down and do the days work as always, and not chatting like it's a social event
  9. wtf is an Enterprise E Mail vault?
  10. look on the bright side, at least you know where you stand,.........everyone fucking hates you:)
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  11. It's the ethical approach to my working environment, I'm paid to do a job, I do it, and not sit on my hoop all day chatting shite!
  12. It is an e-mail account designed for Mongs. It allows them to work together with their head dobbers, to allow a more rapid response to incoming net-voucher offers for ice cream.

  13. Options:-

    1. Print them and keep them in a file for future use against the "coven".

    2. Email them to HR and /or your boss.

    3. Print copies and leave them on their chairs ( and your own) overnight for them to discover in the morning. Best ploy is to be the first to arrive and then walk in with the first of the coven, to discover with shock this emails about you. Be careful of any timestamps though, if they are out when it's printed - all eyes on you. The beauty of this is that none of them will know which one actually did it - can hardly be you as you are the victim - and they will all blame each other, you effectively divide and conquer and destroy their power base. With a bit of luck they'll be called in to see HR and you can assume the holy grail of the modern workplace - "The Victim of Inappropriate Behaviour".

    4. Email them to the Daily Mail and claim that you are the victim of hetrophobia, should get about £250 for the story.

    5. Print them - but to you bosses printer or whoever the most senior person is with an office and their own printer.
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  14. Not sure if it's standard with Outlook, but it cleans up your E-Mail account, auto archives E-Mails. They've all missed the first rule, never, ever, ever put out anything you'd not want anyone else to see and or hear.
  15. So you recovered them once the a member of the Coven had deleted them?

    When will people realise, there is no such thing as permanently deleted.
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