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Discussion in 'Health and Fitness' started by Jayabbo, Apr 22, 2010.

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  1. I'm suffering with a real bad back at the moment and scared to go the doctors or hospital because it will be on my medical records and they won't let me in the army ??

    Any advise would be helpful
  2. Get yourself checked out, It could be somthing serious, so don't be a bone
  3. Definitely go get it checked out.
    I was turned down on my first application to join up due to bad knees, I had to wait 6 months without any pain before I could re apply. Now I'm glad I got it sorted before joining, going to basic trg with an injury would be a very bad idea
  4. Having a bad back is not something that you will be able to 'hide' in the Army. I have a occasional recurring back problem after an accident in Iraq in '03 and when it's bad, I can barely move let alone attempt to 'hide' it.
  5. Wear a frock, and visit the GP disguised as your mother.
  6. Can you trace the bad back to any injury, heavy lifting etc? Where does it hurt? How old are you? Do you have a temperature or any signs of infection? Is there a family history of osteoporosis or ankylosing spondilitis?

    See how useless an internet diagnosis is? If you have a bad back, they're probably right to defer you! How is running up and down with a bergen going to aid recovery??

    Don't be silly, go to your GP, get a proper diagnosis and THEN worry about what the army will say!
  7. I've passed selection just got 5 months to get it sorted
  8. You definitely need to get it checked out, especially if your joining the Engineers. The bridges we lift aren't exactly light
  9. Before this back started playing up strenght wasn't a problem running was but now I'm worried need it sorted asap
  10. Then stop posting on here and go and see a doctor.
  11. yeah safe
  12. Jayabbo

    Check your PMs

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