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I was promoted at the start of March, I am due back pay from the 1st of Jan. Yet this month's pay statement is still for a pte soldier and no back pay has come through as of yet?

So could someone give me an indicator to how long it can take for your pay to be updated and the very much anticipated back pay that will now be in the region of £640 before tax?

Not havin a go just not able to ask my LSAO as yet and would like a slight indication as to when this money may appear or am i going to have to push this myself?


What is your seniority date? i.e. What date were you promoted to substantive LCpl?


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wtd the paperwork has to go to Glasgow, get entred and approved before the pay run. Add JPA to that and you might wait a couple of months before it comes. You will get what you should but it takes a while!
The paperwork came through from Glasgow and the start of March. The civiy clark just didnt pick it up for about 3 weeks so now due to JPA i'm looking at getting my back pay and pay for rank in about May.

Could be better, Could be alot worse.

Thanks for the replys, much apriciated

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